5 Best Tips for Social Media Unplug: Learn how to unplug Now!

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Taking a break and unplugging from social media as well as the growing addiction to social media is quite a task. It requires proper planning, determination, and actions that help you!

But how can disconnecting from social media come about? Well, let’s find out the best tips to help with social media unplug!


Imagine this, you wake and instantly that hand is itching to hold onto your cell phone, eager to catch up on the notifications and latest updates. As you go about your day, your digital companion is always by your side.  

Whether it’s scrolling through the feeds on social media platforms, checking messages, or simply scrolling through the latest memes, it seems like there’s no escaping the grasp of your little buddy.

Your attention is having a hard time setting in reality and is in constant symphony with the online world and notifications!  

social media unplug

Are all these ticking your boxes?  Well, my friend you’re not alone. In fact, you’re among the 61.4% of the world’s population of social media users.  But that is not the main problem here, it is your growing social media addiction! 

Now the question is how do you go about social media detox? How can you bring balance to your social media engagement and digital lives? How can unplug from social media? And will unplugging from social media help?

Well, the time is ticking, it’s a desperate call for social media unplug, so let’s find out!  

Why Do You Need to Unplug from social media?   

Social media addiction

Unplugging from social media may seem like a set of days of planning to get on board, sheer dedication, and herculean efforts. And let’s be honest, no one wants to put in much effort if there are no genuine outcomes or results.   

So, why should you go for social media unplug? Why do we go for social media detox? And that too when we we know that technology has indeed helped us in many ways, it has made our lives better. 

But then, why all these TED talks about disconnecting from social media sites?  Well, it’s all about not finding the right balance. 

That being said, what are the perks then? Well, when you do decide to get off this compulsive digital hook you get the chance to reset and rediscover the real world. Stepping away from the digital world builds you mentally, physically, and socially.   

You get the opportunity to build genuine connections with what actually matters in life- Not just visual illusions!   

With less social media usage and distractions that come along, you start to actually be present in the real world. Your sense organs and mind become more active. You become more aware of your thoughts, feelings, and those around you. With social networking under control, you get to spend more time with a family member, your friends, or just your own thoughts.  

But that is not all, there are indeed a lot of perks – at least studies say so! Let’s dive into this deeply and check out some of the benefits of social media unplug, and working on our social media addiction!  

Benefits of Disconnecting from social media  

Benefits of Disconnecting from social media  

Let’s face it, we have all been there, stuck in the endless loop of social media engagement, I have been there too.

Fortunately, I received my call pretty soon, dedicatedly undertook social media unplug, worked on it, and finally unplugged from social media; honestly, the benefits there are definitely worth the effort!   

So, coming from personal experience I understand it’s hard to turn OFF, but the myriad of benefits that result from all the efforts towards social media unplug, is quite something. Some of these include:  

1. Reconnecting with What Actually Matters  

One of the best things social media has brought around is connectivity. But again, the scenes have changed for the worse. We have forgotten all about real-life connections and focus entirely on what’s being presented online.  

So, when you take a social media break, one of the best things that comes around is a renewed sense of connection with the people and activities that really matter. Those endless scrolling sessions won’t steal precious moments with your loved ones or distract you from building and working on meaningful relationships.  

2. Boosting Your Productivity  

Social media is addictive, we know that, so this makes it really making it tough to stop once you start scrolling. So, when you take a break, you get to regain control of your time and attention. Instead of endlessly scrolling, you’ll be able to focus on your work, hobbies, and daily routines.   

Trust me, it’s liberating!  

3. Preserving Your Mental Health   

Social media brings a connectivity that allows a sneak peek into everyone’s life.   

Now this particular aspect brings on some negative and triggering behavior, be it comparing yourself to others, FOMO, and disliking your life are common emotional pitfalls. The pressure to meet unrealistic standards becomes mentally draining.  

Now, undertaking the decision of social media unplug, allows us to escape this never-ending cycle of self-comparison, reducing stress and boosting our self-esteem.   

4. Fostering Self-Reflection and Working on Yourself  

Solitude is a precious commodity in our overly connected virtual world. In times, when what others do or think weighs higher on our minds than our actual thoughts it would be a blessing to get some time off. 

So, when you unplug from social media apps, you get a chance to escape and think; you get time for self-reflection. 

Now, you can use this digital detox wisely and reflect deeply on your thoughts and feelings, helping you become more self-aware and in tune with your needs.  And when you do this, well, you get time to plan and work. This allows you to work on yourself, be it your physical health, adopting better habits, or learning a new skill.  

5. Unlocking Creativity and Quality Sleep   

Studies show that when people who unplugged from social media, their sleep cycle shows an immediate improvement.   

Now this has technical as well as behavioral aspects. Let me explain, when you undertake social media, you get a break from the blue light on the screen, which according to much research has shown disruptive effects (especially at night) on sleep patterns.   

Besides that, who can forget the FOMO? Just the thought and fear of missing out on updates, messages, or calls can keep you on your toes! 

You may find yourself often checking up your phone. And with the constant fuzz in the mind, it becomes harder to fall asleep. Instead, you find yourself forming habits like sleeping with your phone next to your bed and waking up often at night to check your phone.   

So, when you form the habit of disconnecting from social media hours before sleeping, it gives your overworked mind a break and fosters a more restful sleep.  

How to Unplug from Social Media: Tips that Work!  

tips to unplug from social media

Well, we have seen the benefits of taking a break and stepping down from the pedestal of this compulsive surfing and constant buzz of social media. As someone who’s tried and tested various methods to unplug, here are six tips to undertake social media unplug:  

1. Start and End Your Day Gadget-Free  

One of the best ways to monitor the time your social media time is to kickstart your day without picking up your phone- I know it’s difficult, but not impossible!  

So, use that first hour in the morning to plan out your day. Undertake some healthy habits- go for a walk, exercise, meditate, and have a hearty breakfast. Similarly, avoid scrolling through your news feed before bedtime. Finish all you need to go through and keep it away from your bedside before going to bed.   

2. Silence Push Notifications  

Turn off those push notifications! 

When you cut off that constant ping, it helps you keep away the distraction. This in turn gives you an opportunity, that is, mindful free time to actually concentrate and be productive. 

Fortunately, you have options to help you here, all with just a click. You can use features like schedule-based app blocking, you have the option to select the days and time spans when you want certain apps to be blocked! You get to block apps selected as per your schedule. This feature helps you stay free from distractions when at work or school.  

3. Use Only One Device   

Limit your social media access to one device. Multiple logins mean multiple means of distraction. By committing to one, you’ll have to just deal with resisting one temptation.   

4. Set a Time Limit  

Staying connected is essential, but it’s easy to lose hours scrolling aimlessly. Give yourself a fixed window each day, like 30 minutes, to respond to messages and check notifications. Fortunately, you have Zenze to assist you in this!   

With the Focus session feature, the app you choose will be fully blocked. You’ll not get the option to browse the app until the duration of the focus session is complete. You can select any duration for the focus session – from a few minutes to many hours. How amazing will that be!  

5. Live in the Real World  

Have a real life my friend, don’t miss out on living your life offline! Real experiences and interactions with people are far more fulfilling than chasing likes and shares online. Instead of trying to make your profile perfect, focus on living a genuinely exciting life.   

Be your amazing self in the real world, and social media will naturally take a back seat!  


Well, breaking free from growing addiction and undertaking social media unplug, is like making a tough call, but then what goodness ever comes easy, right?

The good thing is we have apps and tools to deal with the increasing social media addiction and go for social media unplug. So, it’s time we just stop thinking and start doing, let’s take the first step, savor the simplicity, and find joy beyond the screen. 


Q. What is a digital detox challenge, and how can it help reduce social media use? 

The digital detox challenge is like a reset button for your tech-addled brain. This involves temporarily keeping away from your social media apps, setting boundaries, and rediscovering life beyond the screen. 

Q. What are practical tips for setting effective social media boundaries? 

Well, the most practical tip is to start small, but just take that first step toward social media detox. Go for small goals like schedule-based app blocking for a smaller duration. Remember, it’s more about going slow but Steady! 


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