Are there benefits to stopping masturbation? 

Many people think that masturbation is a healthy habit because it’s natural and almost everyone does it. They are not entirely wrong, because masturbation is indeed a very common part of human sexuality. 

But what they forget to consider is that porn use is leading to frequent masturbation, which is not healthy. If a person masturbates excessively, it might have some negative effects on him, which may include deteriorating mental and physical health. 

That is the reason why No Nut November, Nofap Community, etc. are built so that people who are excessively masturbating can leave or reduce masturbation and experience positive effects on their mental and physical health. 

You need to be more determined to overcome your addiction to porn. Only then will you be able to emerge from this muck and go in the direction of firm ground? 

In this article, we will lead your way toward the firm path by explaining to you all the possible consequences of masturbation and how you should avoid them. 

What is masturbation? 

When a person reaches adolescence, he starts getting curious about his body and begins to explore it. 


So basically, masturbation is when an individual starts to touch his private parts to get sexual pleasure. This is generally done by touching the genital parts with their hand or using some external devices. 

Although masturbation is a natural phenomenon and very common among individuals, excessive masturbation can have many negative side effects, which may include changes in sexual behaviors, complicated sex lives, and other problems related to sexual activity and mental and physical fitness. 

Side effects of excessive masturbation? 

At some point in our lives, we have probably all heard the saying, “Everything should be done in balance; if not, then it may lead to destruction.” 

This proverb also refers to masturbation: while it’s accepted as a normal occurrence and okay to engage in, some people develop an addiction to it that might have potentially hazardous consequences. 

Addiction, semen retention, sexual sensitivity, and other problems that are covered in detail below are some examples of the negative effects of masturbation. 

Effect on sexual health 

Frequent masturbation may lead to sexual sensitivity. That is, if a person uses excessive force and practices regular or very frequent masturbation, it may reduce his genital sensitivity. Which will affect sexual performance and lead to guilt and low self-confidence. 

Sperm quality 

It is said that the more you ejaculate, the lower your sperm count could be. That is, whenever someone ejaculates, his sperm count decreases, so immoderate masturbation may also cause reduced sperm matter. 

Erectile disorder 

Erectile dysfunction can result from common masturbation, and the threat of erectile disorder rises if the masturbation is stimulated by tension, i.e., excessive masturbation can also result in premature ejaculation. 

Lower self-belief 

effects of excessive masturbation

Many individuals suppose it’s improper to masturbate and that it damages one’s spiritual or cultural background. Because of this presumption, they revel in guilt for engaging in masturbation, which impacts their self-belief. 

Sleep problem 

If a person masturbates at night, he might also have issues sleeping because, while he masturbates, his body experiences some physiological changes. Because of these changes, a person is not able to go to sleep early. 

In addition to that, many people feel guilty about this habit and are unable to sleep due to that guilt.  

Benefits of semen retention 

benefit of not masturbating

Human sexuality is wrongly affected by immoderate masturbation behavior, so controlling this addiction can bring potential benefits, which may be in the form of improved sleep, increased energy levels, improved testosterone ranges, and so forth. 

Increased testosterone levels 

An ideal testosterone level has a good effect on sexual desire and is crucial for preserving lean muscle mass and bone density. It also affects fat distribution. It is believed that when a person stops masturbating, he experiences increased testosterone levels. 


Sexual thought and desire are distracting and lead to difficulty in concentration, so if a person stops masturbating, his sexual thoughts will also start to stop, which will lead to good concentration. 

Improves relationship 

People who masturbate may suffer from ejaculation and sensitivity problems, leading to complications in relationships. So people who leave masturbation may overcome these problems and live in a normal relationship. 

Physical health benefits 

Many people believe that masturbation reduces stress and anxiety, which is not true because it opens the door to many physical problems. 

So if you want to be physically and mentally healthy, then avoiding masturbation will help you because it will improve your sleep and also help you enjoy sex. 

Problem faced 

Getting relief from excessive masturbation is like starting a business where you have to start from scratch and face many downfalls, but once you build your confidence, you can convert it into a company. 

What I want to say is that if you are a start-up, you will have to start from scratch with just your willpower, but once you start the journey, the result will be the best. 

But before reaching a fruitful result, you will have to face many challenges, like lack of support, relapse, feelings of emptiness, and hormonal change, which are discussed below in detail. 


The major issue that a person wanting to leave masturbation may face is a lack of support, as society doesn’t treat masturbation as a natural phenomenon. 


There might be times when your urge to masturbate exceeds your willpower, and you might relapse, which may make you doubt yourself and make you feel demotivated. 

Feeling of emptiness 

Many people watch porn videos in their free time, and when they want to leave this addiction, they start feeling empty because they have nothing else to do in their free time. 

Support and resources 

Excessive masturbation is considered an addiction, and one cannot stop it in one day. They need patience, willpower, and support. 

For this reason, a nofap movement was started where people who suffer from excessive masturbation come together to support each other. 

In addition to the nofap community, No Nut November, Shave November, etc. were also made to help people overcome their porn addiction and live a decent and happy life. 

There are also a lot of books and videos available for people who want to leave masturbation, so you can refer to those videos or books and 

Try to leave your addiction behind. 

How will these resources and support help us? 

Support from the Nofap community, No Nut November or Shave November, and resources like books and videos can help a person suffering from masturbation in many ways. Below are the benefits of it: 

Reduced stress and anxiety 

A hypersexual often feels stressed and anxious during social gatherings because he feels guilty about masturbating while watching porn. 

This community will help you overcome that guilt because you can meet people suffering from the same problem, and they will make you feel welcome and help you get rid of this addiction. 

Increased power 

Those who masturbate are typically lonely people. Thus, they will benefit from joining the Nofap community since it will provide them with a supportive environment that will boost their confidence and willpower. 

In addition, members of these groups set challenges for themselves, and when they succeed, they experience happiness and confidence. 


When people from different walks of life engage together, they share their problems and how they solved them, which helps people. Participating in these communities makes people reflect on themselves, which improves their 

So overall, joining support groups will not only provide physical benefits like increased energy levels and testosterone levels; it will also help you stop masturbation, build friends, and level up your confidence. 

Expert experience 

Reading books or watching videos will not only occupy your free time with something beneficial but will also give you expert guidance in your journey. 


Masturbation is common among individuals because it is pleasurable and relaxing. Masturbation is also associated with a lower risk of prostate cancer. 

However, it also comes with many side effects with few benefits, as excessive masturbation can be detrimental to overall health. This exhaustion can be physical or mental, and for some, both. 

An over-masturbator suffers from many side effects, such as sleep disorders, low energy levels, fatigue, low T levels, and loneliness. 

These affect not only the person but also the people he or she interacts with, such as his or her partner, friends, and family. When a person becomes too involved in sex, he begins to isolate himself, lose self-confidence, and become unsatisfied in a real relationship. 

Thus, by his own will and with the help of the community supporting the Nofap team, a person is advised to stop having sex. This will not only help you manage your addiction but also help you live a more comfortable and relaxed life. 


What are the side effects of masturbation? 

Prolonged masturbation can negatively affect testosterone levels and lead to erectile dysfunction, accompanied by guilt and a difficult sexual life. 

Is masturbation associated with a reduced risk of prostate cancer? 

While it’s true that masturbation is associated with a decreased prostate cancer risk, that doesn’t mean that masturbation habits are considered good for health reasons; they are also caused by other physical and psychological side effects such as anxiety, sex life problems, and attention issues. 

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Morgan Schmidt

Morgan Schmidt, LPC, a Yale University graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, specializes in addiction treatment and is a licensed professional counselor. His practice as a therapist is informed by both his academic background and hands-on experience in the field. In addition to his therapeutic work, Morgan is also an active writer, sharing his knowledge on psychological and addiction topics, thereby reaching and educating a broader audience.