We have all been told time and again that too much of anything is not good for us. And the same rule applies to porn. Pornography by itself is not a problem. In fact, watching it every now and then can be healthy, especially if the same is practiced consensually with your partner. This is because porn widens the scope of sexual exploration between you and your partner and ensures the growth of intimacy. But, like we said, too much of anything is harmful, and thus, too much porn very quickly transforms all these pros into cons, and this is when you need to stop watching pornography.

“Stop watching pornography” is easier said than done. Once you are under the influence of any kind of addiction, it takes a lot of time to break out of it. But that does not mean it is impossible and that there is no way for you to stop watching pornography. Just like it takes persistence and time to form a habit, the same applies when you are trying to break one.

So what are your options to break out of this addiction and stop watching pornography? We will discuss it in detail, but first let us discuss certain other essential questions to understand whether or not you need to stop watching pornography.

symptoms of too much porn

Before embarking on the journey to stop watching pornography, you need to know whether or not porn is a problem in your life. There are some simple methods for personal analysis that you can use to understand the same. 

To begin with, one of the easiest ways to understand if you are addicted to pornography is to analyze your everyday actions and how regulated they are depending on your interaction with pornography during the day. 

If you feel uneasy or restless because you have not been able to watch porn on a regular day or if you are prioritizing porn over your relationships and your work and are constantly finding yourself trying to get out of social commitments so that instead you can stay at home and watch porn and put your hands to use, then there is a problem that needs to be addressed urgently. 

On the other hand, if you don’t have a compulsive need to watch pornography every day and it’s more of a form of entertainment for you that you enjoy every now and then, that means you’re probably not in any real trouble with regards to porn. 

When is watching too much porn a problem?

As previously stated, watching too much porn is a problem when it begins to control you rather than you controlling it. This means that you can’t pay attention to other important things in your life. Instead, you spend the whole day looking forward to your next pornographic session. Such behavior on your part is enough for you to understand that porn has taken a toll on you and is having a negative effect on your everyday functioning. Having said that, these are signs that you should try different things to help you stop watching pornography. Certain other prominent indicators that porn is having a negative impact on you are:

  • Porn has become a form of coping mechanism for you.
  • You choose porn over physcial intimacy
  • The habit of watching porn is creating a rift between you and your partner
  • You are unable to stop yourself from watching porn during office hours, or between work.
  • Porn has taken priority over social engagements.

How to Stop Watching Pornography?

Quit Porn

Now that we have a better understanding of what a porn addiction looks like and how it starts to affect your daily life, it is time to find ways to address the issue. And thus, now we will discuss some crucial methods that will help you stop watching pornography.

Set boundaries for yourself and stick to them. 

One way to control a habit you want to get rid of from your daily life is to set certain boundaries for yourself and make sure you stick to them. However, clearly, it may not be realistic to just presume that you will set a boundary and follow through on it from day one. As a result, what you should do instead is set a practical boundary for yourself and gradually increase your goals. For example, decide to stop watching pornography during certain hours of the day or on specific days of the week.

The idea behind this practice is that when you create a boundary to not watch porn for specific hours of the day instead of setting a boundary to not watch porn at all, you have made your goal achievable as a beginner. Once you have started respecting these boundaries, you move onto bigger goals and follow through with them until you have overcome your addiction.

Find a support system of friends, family, or a therapist to talk about your struggles and provide accountability.

We all need people in our lives who will stand with us during our difficult times and help us get through them. And this is exactly what you need when you are on a porn detox. You need to open up with the people around you and find your confidant. Try and find this person for yourself, who can be anyone for you, right from your parents to your therapist, friends, or even an online community, 

Once you have found the person you can depend on and open up to about your problem, pour your heart out about the issues you are facing with porn, how it is affecting your everyday life, and lastly, about your dedication to work things out and follow through on methods that will help you stop watching pornography.

Explain to the person how you are depending on them to hold you accountable for your actions and ensure that you follow through on the goals and boundaries that you have set for yourself. These people will keep a check on you during those hours or days during which you have committed to swearing off porn. And thus, your actions will be accountable, and you will be working in a team with this other person or people to ensure you make it through.

If you are feeling too shy and vulnerable to share your porn addiction with friends and family, then your best resort is to join an anonymous community. There are several online and offline communities comprised of various people from different strata of society who have gone through or are still going through a similar problem in order to help one another come out on the other side. 

You can simply join one such online community by being a part of our Blockerx community. We have a strong community of users from around the world who have dealt with similar issues as yours and are willing to lend you a non-judgemental ear and a helping hand.

Replace your porn habit with healthy activities, such as exercise, spending time with friends, or pursuing a hobby.

healthy activities

It is well known that detoxing from any kind of addiction is easier if you keep yourself busy with healthy activities every day. The same is true with regards to addiction to porn. If you want to stop watching pornography, then you need to get into the habit of keeping yourself engaged with regular healthy activities such as exercise, yoga, or meditation. 

In fact, there are studies that have shown that incorporating activities such as a brisk walk, dancing to your favorite songs, gardening, etc. can help you regulate your brain and thus enhance your chances of a speedy recovery from addictions such as that of pornography. 

Yoga and meditation help calm your mind and put you in a state of peace. As a result, they help you control your urges and prepare you to deal with them instead of succumbing to them as they arise. So, it is essential for you to get on board with some form of healthy activity as a part of your daily life in order to stop watching pornography.

Furthermore, another important aspect that must be followed through, when trying to stop watching pornography is to get back in touch with your hobby and stick to it this time. There may have been a time when you loved to play football, read a book, or paint, but as your porn addiction took over, times and priorities changed, and you ended up spending all of your spare time watching pornography and going at it. It is time to turn back the clock and get back to your hobbies. In the hours that you feel most tempted to watch porn, rather turn to your favorite hobbies, which you enjoy, and stick to them. 

You can block access to adult websites on your devices by using parental controls or filtering software.

One of the biggest challenges faced by someone who is trying to stop watching pornography is its easy accessibility. Even if you have sworn to stop watching pornography, you may come across ads or some other form of adult content on the internet that will excite you and make it difficult to follow through on your plans. In these moments of weakness, it is difficult for an addict to think rationally and keep themselves away from the root of the problem. 

Now, the obvious solution to this may seem to be to keep yourself away from the internet altogether. But again, in today’s day and age, that is not practical. 

Instead, let us look into more practical solutions. A better approach to this complication when trying to stop watching pornography is to use parental control and filtering software that will block porn or any other adult content from the internet for you. 

A similar solution is provided by Blockerx, as we commit to making your detox journey as easy as possible for you by ensuring to block any such content that will stimulate your urges to go back to watching porn. We are here to see this journey through with you.

Set up reminders to remind yourself to stop watching pornography.

We all need words of affirmation on our bad days, when we stop believing in ourselves and start to give up. On such difficult days, a few words of encouragement may help you go all the way through. And what could be better than being the person who gives you these words of affirmation? 

And so, what you can do is carry through by giving yourself such words of affirmation, then follow through with actions such as placing sticky notes with positive affirmations on your computer or phone. Write words of encouragement to yourself, either in a letter or a note, to help you get through the difficult times.

Educate yourself on the potential adverse effects of excessive porn consumption

effects on interpersonal relationships

One of the best ways to build the strength to stop watching pornography is to make sure that you educate yourself about the various negative effects that porn addiction can have on you and your relationships. Keep reminding yourself of the bad things that can happen, like having skewed ideas about sex and relationships and the risk of becoming addicted. 

Remembering these potential adversities will help you keep yourself in check, give you the motivation to fight every day, and make sure that you do, in fact, stop watching pornography.

Seek professional help from a therapist or counsellor.

seek therapy

If you feel like you need more support to overcome your porn addiction, the best resort is to seek professional help and find yourself a professional therapist or counselor who will help you gain a better understanding of the problem at hand and will guide you through the addiction. 

You need to open up with your therapist and talk about how the addiction is affecting your everyday life. Once you’ve done that, you can then work together to find ways that work best exclusively for you and your requirements to make sure that you stop watching pornography.

Final Words

Remember that changing any behavior can be difficult, but with persistence and support, you can overcome your addiction to pornography. In fact, with every step that you take towards overcoming this addiction, you are a step closer to making sure that you stop watching pornography altogether, and that is the ultimate goal.

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