20 Things Every Woman Wants in a Man 

Every woman has an image of her dream guy. You might feel like it’s way too confusing to find out what a woman wants, but to put it simply, it’s the simple things. Women want similar things to what men want in a partner. Once we get into the list of qualities you might even feel like it’s similar to what men want.  

You might have heard the phrase “Men are from Mars, and Women are from Venus”. This puts the idea in people’s minds that men and women are completely different kinds of species. Then how do we see happy couples?  

There is a lot of conflicting information online saying, “Oh, it’s quite hard to decipher what a woman wants. Women are a mystery!”

Together let’s go through what women actually want and desire in their dream partner. 

Here are 20 Things Women Look For in a Man

1. Chemistry 

What is the first thing you notice when you see a person you might like? You notice the way they look; you notice their aura or for lack of better words “vibe”. This can easily translate into how we feel when we are around that person.  


What is chemistry? 

Chemistry is an intuitive feeling between people that can be described as a combination of “love, lust, infatuation, and a desire to be involved intimately with someone”.  

If the “chemistry” isn’t right, don’t feel too bad if you get rejected by someone. Initially, it starts off with an attraction. “Can you talk to this person? Does talking to this person make you feel better? These are the qualities that help us lay a foundation and build deeper connections and relationships with this person.  

You might feel like you can express yourself in your truest form around this person. It makes it easier to get to know them. This also means that there should be a give and take of energies. You might be excited to talk and if you feel like the other person isn’t returning that energy then maybe you know that there’s something lacking, it could be chemistry.  

If the person is trying to put in the effort to talk to you then maybe there is something there. 

2. Curiosity to know her better 

Chemistry can start something but curiosity can keep the conversation going. Women want men who are excited to know about their day. They want a man who is invested in her life, this could be her choices, her likes, her dislikes, what is she passionate about, what makes her happy.  

This shows that you care enough to know more about the other person. 

It’s important that you feel like your partner is interested in you. Have the curiosity to know about why they do the things they do. However, it is unwise to make a person feel like they are being interviewed. Instead, let the conversation flow from one topic to the next.  

3. Vulnerability 

It can be very hard to talk to someone a bit closed off. Women want someone ready to talk about the deeper stuff. Casual conversation can be found anywhere, but vulnerability is rare. You want to stand out against all the guys who have spoken to her. You do that by being open about your feelings, this does not mean that you push your feelings onto her instead you talk to her without wanting anything in return. 

A man has to be willing to be vulnerable in a relationship; this also applies for the women to be open to her feelings for the relationship to work. 

4. Stability 


What is stability in relationships? 

Stability is working through problems that come up in life and still being able to find time for each other. This stability stands for emotional and financial stability. Relationships need work sometimes, everything needs work. Life has its ups and downs and so, you would want a partner who is stable in all aspects.  

A stable man can do wonders for a relationship. This means that the man should be emotionally stable, he should be able to handle arguments and other things that arise but still be able to see through that and make wise decisions.  

This is big because it has three parts. “Stability means being emotionally stable (that is, not jumping out of the steering wheel), being financially stable, and being relationally stable,” Hendrix explains that it’s predictable, reliable, and basically trustworthy if you have a house with or have children. 

4. Equality 

Now you would be wondering if this had some feminist undertones. But it is not really about feminism, is it? In a relationship, just like a partnership, a woman wishes to be treated equally. This comes with a set of responsibilities that both parties have to equally take up.  


If you’ve ever felt less than or silent in a relationship, it may be because your partner doesn’t treat you as their equal. The cultural differences that have existed for thousands of years between men and women socially, economically, politically, and sexually in all respects are changing. 

5. Awareness 

Awareness is knowing one’s own shortcomings and being able to accept them and even work towards being better. When a man is open to being influenced, he shows awareness of his partner’s emotions and needs and responds to them. It’s okay to want to influence your partner. 

This also means being present in a relationship by acknowledging one’s partner’s feelings and finding ways to agree. Being aware of one’s feelings is also quite important as this helps, you as a couple navigate things better, as you are aware of what exactly you are feeling. 

6. Emotional Presence 

Sometimes it can be difficult to talk to someone who can be emotionally distant. Women especially find this difficult in a relationship. You may not like talking about your feelings. But women need to know what page you are on, are you with them, by their side every step of the way. This requires emotional presence; you can start this off by talking to them.  

Talk about everything, how about how you feel, how they feel, what is bothering you, or anything for that matter. It is important to have someone with a higher EQ (Emotional Quotient). 


What is EQ? 

Emotional intelligence (also known as Emotional Quotient or EQ) is the ability to actively understand, use, and manage one’s emotions, reduce stress, communicate effectively, empathize with others, and the ability to overcome challenges and relieve conflicts. 

8. Protectiveness 

Protectiveness does not mean possessiveness. Protectiveness is knowing that you are important to each other and want that other person to know that they are important. Women always want to be with someone they can feel safe around.  You do this by making sure they are ok and safe. You take responsibility for their safety.  

9. Acceptance 

Women feel like they are constantly being judged and it can be a breath of fresh air when they feel accepted. Criticizing or judging you indicates someone doesn’t like you as you are, you must change in order to be accepted. You do not want to feel this as a partner, which is feeling criticized or judged. Acceptance is something women secretly crave in men. 

10. Give her space 

Just as men need time alone, women need it too. Personal space shouldn’t be discussed, it’s natural-giving your loved ones time for their own hobbies, pursuing their career, and time to be with themselves.  


Give her a special “private day”. Being in a romantic relationship does not mean that you have to spend all your time together (although you can definitely do it if you need both). She can spend time with her friends and she will want to spend time with her friends too. These are natural and you need to keep these subtleties in mind. 

11. Give respect 

Women want men who they can respect and be proud of. A person who has a purpose in life and strives for a strong personality, honesty, and intellect. They want someone to show off. 

12. Get Respect 

Women want men who respect their opinions, values, and decisions. This shows that respect goes both ways and with love, respect can go a long way. It is important to admire each other’s qualities to be able to understand the other person. 

13. Support 

When things aren’t going to plan, when a tornado is on its way, a woman expects her physical and mental existence to be supported by her man. She looks at him and counts on him to be close until the storm has passed from their lives. Women want you to be her powerful financial, emotional, and spiritual pillars, who are there to always support you. 

14. Good Company 

A sane person does not want to live alone. The woman wants you to be her best friend. Someone who is always there for her. She wants you to be her adviser and help her solve worse and more difficult problems. Make her laugh. That way, you will be the first person to come to her mind in the morning and when she retires to bed. 

15. A good sense of humor 

People with a dry sense of humor can be uninteresting to be with. You need to spread yourself too thin to get along with them. A woman who is waiting for a man who is happy to be with her. And your sense of humor should extend to all contexts. If she finds you boring and conservative, she will definitely feel the relationship is lacking in some aspects. 

16. Understanding 

We are human, we make mistakes, both men and women. It’s natural for people to want to do their best but sometimes both sides may fall short. You have to understand in order for the relationship to progress.  

17. Women want men who are confident. 

Confidence is key. You must be tired of hearing this, but there is something to it. Confidence shows that you are good enough and you view yourself as good enough. It shows that you value yourself and put in the effort to feel good. This talks a great deal about your personality. Nobody wants a sad puppy.  

Women want to be with charismatic men, this does not mean you have to force yourself to be extroverted. It just means that you learn to be more secure within yourself. 

18. Women want men who are passionate. 

If you like them, don’t forget to show them you do! If you find a woman you want to be with for the rest of your life, don’t play mind games or play cool.  

Every woman wants to show how passionate and strong a man loves her. So, try to show her how you feel about her through her little actions and her big gestures every day. 

19. Dependable 

Can you count on this person? Often people ask this question, the same goes for relationships. You don’t want to feel let down by your partner when you need them the most. This is where dependable comes in. Are you someone who can stick to what they have promised? Can you fulfill what’s needed? This is crucial because your partner is someone whom you place all your trust and when you feel like you are being let down, you start to rethink your relationship. 

Make sure that you keep your promises and you are there for your partner when they most need you. 

20. Communication 

Talking about your feelings.

It’s easier for women to talk about their feelings than men. She should not only say good things in love but also when she gets frustrated or hurt by what she says. In any case, communication is the key to healthy relationships, so don’t skip that part.  

Miscommunication can be the death of a relationship sometimes it’s the small things that have later grown to cause big issues as they weren’t sorted out immediately. 

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