No fap timeline – Best tips for a 90-day recovery

A well-known community-based website called NoFap exhorts guys to quit watching porn. Men’s personal experiences with giving up porn and masturbation are shared on the NoFap forum. The main goal of the men’s NoFap journey recording is to raise awareness of the harmful impacts of porn addiction. Users frequently mention having more energy, clarity, and confidence. The foundation of this movement is the liberation of men from sexual activities that have become addictions and the resulting “Super Human” condition. So let’s learn about the No fap Timeline.

What Are the Rules of Adhering to NoFap?

  • No masturbating
  • Avoid porn
  • Reset time

Fapping is addictive. You must abstain from watching porn and masturbating to be a member of the NoFap community. Any kind of masturbation is prohibited, including “edging.” Self-sexual arousal is categorically forbidden in No Fap Timeline. Another frequently broken guideline is to abstain from sexual activity for at least 90 days. The “Reset Period” is ended once those 90 days have passed. Everyone who takes part is encouraged to talk about their experiences.

What is the No Fap Timeline?

When chronicling their efforts to stop watching porn, users frequently refer to a “flatline.” When generally enjoyable events start to get boring, this is known as the NoFap flatline. The flatline is a symptom of abused sexual arousal that is experienced by recovering porn addicts. The flatline is regarded as the hardest obstacle to overcome while trying to stop using porn, and it happens during this process.

No Fap Timeline

Why does the No Fap Timeline Occur?

Simple solution: Dopamine wasn’t released. This will happen on your No Fap to sense sexual desire and experience orgasm, your body produces dopamine. The hormone the brain releases to make us feel “happy” is dopamine. It is crucial. Now, each person’s dopamine amount varies depending on the porn addict. Dopamine is the brain’s way of rewarding you for finishing a task satisfactorily when the human body releases it. Dopamine levels are significantly raised by porn and excessive masturbation, which leads to a physiological imbalance. The brain is not made to be rewarded for little accomplishments. The brain will grow hooked to the dopamine high accompanying orgasm if it occurs too frequently.

No fap timeline

What are the Symptoms of the No Fap Flatline?

  • Brain fog
  • Sadness
  • Lower productivity
  • Psychological urge to masturbate
  • Decreased sex drive
  • Lack of sexual arousal

Why is that so? It may be quite challenging to rewire your brain to discover alternatives to dopamine surges. The vast majority of No Fap timeline participants experience the flatline. All of these flatline symptoms are a direct result of ineffective stimulation that results in a dopamine surge. Your brain is negatively programmed to become porn hooked when you spend your sexual energy watching porn. These emotions are experienced when trying to break most addictions, not only the one of porn. Finding an alternative to porn might be challenging for many. Users who have encountered this frequently advise exercising. Exercise provides a psychological reward system that inevitably raises self-esteem and has been shown to increase dopamine levels.

Timeline of the No Fap Flatline Period

  • Urge to masturbate in the first couple of days
  • Intense mental haze
  • Feeling of depression
  • Morning wood
  • High sexual arousal during different times through the day
  • Unfamiliar sexual fantasies

Stage 1

You’re more likely to relapse during this time. During this time, most persons who had just begun nofap relapsed.

What to expect?

When you finish day one, you will feel fantastic and may believe that you can complete this journey without much difficulty. However, this is untrue because on days 4 or 5, you may experience intense urges to engage in sexual activity. If you want to continue your nofap journey for a more extended period of time, you must resist these urges. Guys, don’t edge (view porn on Nofap; it’s terrible). Nofap stands for no masturbation or porn. If you edge, you will definitely relapse in a matter of days, which may be depressing.

Stage 2

Most people encounter a scenario known as No fap Timeline at this time. You’ll have a feeling of being at your lowest during flatline. There will be times during this endeavour when you feel really depressed.

You won’t feel particularly energised, and you won’t have any sexy cravings. Symptoms similar to the flu or a cold might also appear. It is a necessary part of the reboot procedure, so don’t be alarmed. You may go through this period once or twice, but don’t lose up; your mind will stabilise again after a few days. But the flatline may last for days or even weeks.

What to expect?

You can have the opposite effects of nofap during flatline, such as increased anxiety, lack of confidence, melancholy, and difficulty falling asleep. This is because your brain will be clearing away all the debris in your mind during this phase, which is why you might experience these symptoms.

Stage 3:

It is definitely not simple to go 30 days without shaking your “D,” therefore you may consider yourself a “master” if you’ve successfully completed a month of nofap. You will realise that what you were doing in the past was utterly foolish, and you may begin concentrating on things that might improve and safeguard your future.

What to expect?

Nofap will alter your perspective and improve you as a person. Although it may seem false, it is really true.

Stage 4:

Before achieving this nofap level, 99 out of 100 persons relapse. If you’re here, you’ve already won. You’ll notice many changes in yourself, the disappearance of unfavourable ideas, and an increase in your comfort level.

What to expect?

People will grasp what you are trying to convey and you will find it incredibly simple to communicate with them. People will pay attention to you when you speak because nofap’s mystical abilities will turn you into a leader, and people always listen to leaders rather than losers. Nofap gives you unending inspiration, the self-assurance you need to do great things in life, and it will also make you feel like a hero in your own eyes.

Stage 5:

Every individual who launched nofap saw this as their ultimate aim. To reset, our brains require 90 days. People who have advanced to this point claim to be experiencing enlightenment.

It’s difficult enough to get to this point, but maintaining it after finishing the 90-day challenge is much more difficult. Once they reach this point, they may start accomplishing everything they had been putting off. However, they must realise that the goal is not to complete a task, but to learn more about themselves.


So you’ve started your nofap adventure, and you’re interested. You want to know when you’ll start experiencing all the benefits of nofap that you’ve read about online and seen in videos. You will undoubtedly receive all the advantages, but you must first pass all of the nofap’s stages. There are UPs and DOWNs in these nofap stages, and you might relapse at certain times. It is wise to prepare for any potential challenges. All the best!

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