Video Game Addiction: Top 5 Eye-Opening Ways To Detect

video game addiction

Video game addiction is certainly a contentious issue, especially with a number of specialists suggesting that it is a real addiction and other specialists claiming that it is not a true addiction in the same sense that drug abuse or gambling addiction is.

Yet, there is evidence to show that playing video games to excess may negatively impact one’s life and relationships and lead some players to engage in risky or counterproductive behaviors. As such, it is quite crucial for people to be well aware of the various possible hazards of video game addiction and to make efforts to get over gaming addiction, ensuring their video game usage is balanced and healthy.

What is a video game addiction?

An addiction to video games is defined by persistent and excessive gaming to the point that it negatively impacts everyday functioning and interpersonal relationships. Withdrawal symptoms and a lack of self-control over gaming are common indicators of this disorder. If you think a person seems addicted to video games, it will generally happen that they will neglect all other responsibilities, including their job, school, or social life, in favor of playing.

Also, it may so happen that they may put video gaming ahead of their own physical and mental health, which may result in various issues such as lack of sleep, unhealthy eating habits, and fewer opportunities to socialize with others. Those who suspect they have a problem with gaming addiction should get therapy and strike a good balance in their play.

How to know if you have a video game addiction?

Addiction of any type, even to video games, may be hard to recognize. Thus, if you’re wondering the same thing, it would help to examine these 5 indicators and see whether they describe your personality.

Loss of Control


Addicts, for instance, may play video games for longer stretches than they had planned or have trouble ceasing play altogether.

They could also feel helpless in the face of their gaming addiction, despite their best intentions. When a person loses control of their gaming habits, they may start putting their gaming time ahead of other things, including their job, school, and personal relationships.


Another prevalent sign of video game addiction is an obsession with playing them. Addiction to video games might be indicated by a preoccupation with them even when they are not being actively engaged in.

This preoccupation can generally manifest in various ways, such as constantly thinking about what you will be playing next, strategizing about how you can beat the next level, or the tendency to feel anxious or agitated when you’re unable to play. This preoccupation generally tends to create problems in other areas of a person’s life, which include one’s professional as well as academic performance and at times, even their personal and social connections with others.

Negative Consequences

There may be an addiction issue if the time spent playing video games is interfering with your daily life. The effects of these issues may be seen in many areas of life, including professional and academic performance as well as interpersonal connections.

Consider the possibility of an addiction if you find yourself putting off sleep so you may play video games or if you find yourself disregarding friends and family in favor of gaming.

It is quite essential to be well aware of all the negative consequences of your gaming habits and to reach out and seek help if they seem to be causing problems in your life. The varied source(s) of your addiction and effective methods of control can quite easily be determined with the assistance of a mental health specialist.

Withdrawal Symptoms


Withdrawal symptoms are another common symptom of video game addiction. Those who have developed a dependency on video games may face withdrawal symptoms if they suddenly quit playing. These can include feelings of irritability, anxiety, or depression. 

Perhaps, these signs and symptoms arise when the brain develops a dependency on the pleasure and reward provided by video games and then feels pain or suffering when it is taken away. If you are suffering withdrawal symptoms when you attempt to quit playing video games, it’s crucial to get treatment and create skills for controlling your addiction.


Tolerance is a common symptom of video game addiction. If you find yourself requiring longer periods of time for playing or at a higher intensity in order to achieve the same level of enjoyment from the game as you used to before, then it is possibly a sign that you are developing a tolerance to it.

Final Words

In conclusion, video game addiction is a serious issue that can have significant negative impacts on a person’s life. It is characterized by a loss of control over one’s gaming habits, preoccupation with video games, negative consequences in other areas of life, withdrawal symptoms when trying to stop playing, and the development of tolerance. 

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