Am I a Drug Addict? Top 10 Signs of Addiction

signs of a drug addict

Are you worried that you may be a drug addict? If so, you’re not alone. Many people struggle with substance abuse and addiction, and it can be a difficult and confusing experience. In fact, as per various studies, over 2% of the population of the world are drug addicts.

However, at times it is difficult for one to understand if they are a drug addict or just indulging from time to time. To make it easier for you to understand the problem so that you can seek the required help if required, we have curated a quiz with 10 signs of a drug addict. You can analyze yourself based on these pointers and find out if you are after all a drug addict.

Prominent indicators of a drug addict

In order to understand where you stand on your drug addiction issues, it is essential you take this quiz with full honesty. So let us start.

You can’t control your use


Do you find yourself using more of the drug than you intended to, or for longer periods of time than you planned? Do you have cravings or urges to use that you can’t seem to shake? If you can’t seem to control your drug use, this could be a sign that you are a drug addict.

You prioritize drugs over other things

A drug addict will always prioritize drugs over their relationships, work, or other responsibilities, it is important to recognize that this is a clear sign of addiction. When you prioritize drugs over everything else, it means that you are putting your drug use above all else, even the things that are most important to you. This can lead to a range of negative consequences, including strained relationships, loss of employment, and financial struggles.

You continue to use it despite the negative consequences

Are you experiencing negative consequences as a result of your drug use, such as financial problems, legal issues, or health problems, but continue to use anyway? This is because a drug addict will not be able to let go of their addiction in order to address these negative consequences.

You need more and more of the drug to get the same effect

As a drug addict when one continues to use drugs, their body can become tolerant to them, meaning you need more and more to get the same effect. If you find yourself needing to use increasing amounts of the drug to get the desired effect, then you might actually be in trouble.

You experience withdrawal symptoms when you stop using

When you stop using drugs after becoming dependent on them, you may experience withdrawal symptoms such as tremors, anxiety, or vomiting. These symptoms are a clear indication that you crossed the line long ago and have now become a drug addict.

You continue to use despite physical or mental health problems

Struggling with physical or mental health issues and continuing to use drugs despite these problems can be a clear sign of being a drug addict. Many people turn to drugs as a way to cope with underlying health issues or to numb emotional pain, but in reality, they only exacerbate these problems. If you find yourself using drugs in spite of physical or mental health issues, it may be time to seek help and address the root causes of your drug use. 

You have lost interest in activities you used to enjoy

Drugs can often consume your thoughts and energy, leaving little room for other passions or hobbies. If you find that your drug use has led to a lack of motivation or enjoyment in things you once loved, this could be an indication that you have a drug addiction. 

You have relationship problems as a result of your drug use

Drug use can strain even the strongest of relationships and can lead to fights, mistrust, and ultimately, a breakdown in communication. If your drug use is causing problems in your relationships, it’s important to address this issue and seek help before it’s too late.

You have financial problems due to your drug use

Financial problems due to drug use are another red flag. Drugs can be expensive, and drug addicts end up spending all of their money on drugs and then struggle financially due to their drug use, this could be a sign of addiction. It’s important to address this issue before it leads to even bigger problems such as bankruptcy or homelessness. 

You have lied about your drug use

Lying about your drug use or trying to hide it can also be a sign of being a drug addict. Many people who struggle with addiction go to great lengths to cover up their drug use, whether it’s lying to loved ones or hiding drugs in their possession. If you find yourself lying about your drug use or trying to hide it, it’s important to seek help and address the underlying issues that are driving your drug use.

Final Words

If post taking this quiz, you have realised that you are after all a drug addict, then it is important to seek help. Addiction, be it alcohol, gambling, or drugs, is a serious and often misunderstood condition, but it is treatable, and there are resources available to help you overcome your addiction and live a healthy, sober life. Don’t be afraid to reach out for support. You deserve to live a healthy and fulfilling life, free from the grip of addiction.

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