5 Best Productivity Apps for Students

As a student have ever wondered- why do we need self-management. How you can master self-discipline and manage your time efficiently, to help you progress?

Well, it’s time to do so now!

Students who want to enhance their organization and time management abilities here a good news for you. You can benefit from productivity applications for students! The productivity apps for students help keep track of coursework, schedule study sessions, and meet deadlines.

There are several productivity applications for students that have the potential to make their lives much simpler. Students may improve their academic performance by streamlining their work and making the most of their time by utilizing these productivity applications.

Best Productivity apps for students

If you are a student looking for the best productivity apps, then these are certainly for you. Check them out.


Todoist is one the of task management productivity apps for students that allows you to create a to-do list and schedule tasks and projects. With Todoist, you can easily keep track of your daily, weekly, and monthly goals, as well as set reminders and due dates for important tasks. You can also organize your tasks and create sub-tasks based on your projects and category requirements.

Further, you can use this productivity app to integrate other platforms such as Gmail, Google, Calendar, etc. This makes it extremely convenient to manage your tasks and schedule remotely. In fact, todoist can be a valuable tool for improving your productivity regardless of whether your needs are oriented to those of a student or a professional.

productivity apps for students


Freedom is one of the best productivity applications for students since it helps you concentrate by limiting distracting websites and apps.

It enables you to build unique block lists and schedule blocks to meet your individual requirements, whether you need to concentrate on certain work or disconnect from the internet entirely.

Freedom may block websites and applications on all of your devices, including your phone, tablet, and computer, allowing you to concentrate more effectively and avoid distractions.

It can also block entire categories of websites, such as social media or shopping sites if you find those types of distractions particularly tempting. If you struggle with staying focused and need a way to block out distractions, Freedom might be a useful tool for improving your productivity.



Habitica is a gamified task management-based student productivity program that converts your to-do list into a role-playing game. You may create tasks in Habitica and assign them to your avatar, who will then embark on a trip and accomplish missions as you cross stuff off your to-do list.

You may also form guilds with other users to fulfill activities and get prizes. The software employs a gamification mechanism to encourage users to complete activities and develop positive habits.


Pocket is a student productivity application that also serves as bookmarking software. This program may be used to save articles, videos, and other media for later use. Pocket allows you to save whatever you see online and recover it later from any device, even if you are not connected to the internet.

This is especially useful for students who need to save articles or research materials for a paper or project, as well as anybody who wants to keep track of interesting things they come across online. Pocket also includes options for categorizing and tagging your saved items for easy searching. It’s a simple way to keep track of things you want to go back to without cluttering your browser or overburdening your inbox.



Wunderlist is one of numerous student productivity apps that lets you create to-do lists, set reminders, and track your progress. Wunderlist enables you to easily organize your activities and projects into lists, add due dates and reminders, and mark items as complete as you go through your to-do list. Wunderlist can also be used to share tasks and lists with others, making it an ideal tool for teamwork and collaboration.

Since the app is available on several platforms, including iOS, Android, and PC, you can access your to-do list and projects from anywhere.

Final Words

Productivity applications are an exceedingly underutilized method of time management and organization. Because of the rapid advancement of technology in this industry, users may now tailor their use to their unique needs. Yet, there aren’t many applications that will help students manage their daily progress and activities. If productivity is your ultimate objective, BlockerX might be the ideal partner.

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