Have you been noticing that sex with your partner isn't any good?

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Porn is the new Sex Ed Class, and that spells trouble


Here’s a quick questionnaire that will help you figure out the problem in more detail. 

If you see that your partner has most of these problems, then you can play a big part to help him resolve it.

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Porn consumption if affecting sexual behaviors and practices between young couples negatively

Porn isn't anything new, at least subject wise. But with every generation of technology it has evolved it's ways of getting the same stimulating outcome for the user.

That was previously well and good, and in some cases a positive things for couples looking to bring novelty into their sex lives.

It wasn't bad at all in the age of print media, with Playboy and Hustler magazines and similar ones to this. But with the emergence of the internet we had high speed internet porn.

That changed the game quite a bit.

Consumption of porn through the internet went up driving the demands for that. More production houses were popping up across cities and countries thus answering to the ever increasing demand.

But it wasn't just the quantity of the porn that was produced that was of concern. But the varieties of the sexually stimulating material that was getting weirder and weirder for the purpose of creating more novelty.

This is the point where problems started arising and that's what brings us to the current context.

Porn has become so ubiquitous that it has replaced the way in which young people are learning about sex. This is proving to be bad for both young boys and girls.

Due to significant availability, this has become their source of sex education.

In case of young boys, it the constant exposure to more and more novel porn content, that's giving them a wrong picture of what sex should be. That's on the mental side, there are effects on the physical body as well, like issues of porn induced ed, anorgasmia, premature ejaculation.

For young girls, they are getting a warped idea of what will make them loveable and sexually attractive.

They are now willing to engage in certain sexual practices that previous generations couldn't even have thought of.

If you've been facing such odd sexual behaviors from your partner, then in all likelihood porn could be the problem. And it only gets worse as time passes, unless he gets help.

Sexual Problems that You as a Couple Might be Facing

There can be tell tale signs that it is porn that is behind the sexual problems that your partner is experiencing. And that is making your sex lives together wretched. 

Porn induced ED 

This is an issue that only elderly men faced in course of natural aging. But now younger men are facing this too, and porn has a lot to do with it. Masturbating to ever and ever more novel porn. Something that you can’t compete with and rightfully shouldn’t. But all that happens is sexual life and relationship takes a big hit. 

Aggressive sexual behavior 

Since porn has become the new way in which young boys are learning about sex. That reflects in their sexual conduct with their partner, which is almost always unacceptable for them. If you’ve been facing such behavior from your partner, then it’s more of the content that he has consumed than himself who is at fault. 

Premature Ejaculation 

Another product of unbridled stimulation, the person focuses more on the orgasm than whatever it is that leads to it. That’s how when it comes to actual sex, they fall for the habit and end up not being able to satisfy their partner. This leads to a lot of failed relationships, and don’t let that be yours. 

Delayed Ejaculation 

Due to desensitization from the porn that they’ve masturbated to, on both a mental and physical level. Their partner usually thinks that they’re not attracted to them, another way the relationship ends. This can cause a lot of heartache for the person suffering from this, and impact their future relationship prospects. 


So you can see that your partner is in a bad time by himself, and his porn consumption is behind it. 

You Can Help Him in His Time of Need like Others Have

I bought this for my partner and this is helping quite a bit. I am at peace that this app is working and blocking out porn. His annoyance assures me of that.
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Me and my girlfriend decided to use this app, and I chose her as my accountability partner. This works not only because of the technicality and effectiveness of the features, but the way in which they have been planned. This is good, i like it.
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Things were getting out of hand with the relationship between me and my partner. But after some reading up on the problem, we found that it was porn induced ed. Now after getting blockerx for my boyfriend, i'm helping him recover from the problem one step at a time.
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BlockerX Premium can Help your Partner Fix the Issue

With intelligently designed features, your partner will have an excellent resource / tool to help him overcome the problem.

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BlockerX Premium will be blocking access to all adult content on your partner's device up front. This is the first and most significant step towards solving the problem. And you can gift your partner that.


This is how you as the caring partner that you are will hold your partner accountable. BlockerX Premium can help your partner rely on you rather than willpower. We all know how limited willpower can be in such a situation.

Support from peers

We have a strong community of like minded people who help each other. This can help both you and your partner gain a wider perspective on the problem you're facing. This is one of the favorite features of our users.

Here's How BlockerX Premium Can Help Overcome Sexual Problems from Porn


Social Stigma

Your partner, like most others who are suffering from the problem shy away from sharing their peril. And that's for good reason. That's why we've designed BlockerX to maintain absolute anonimity.


The feature that we have for this can help contribute to the quality of relationship that you have. Your partner will know that you are there for him to help him through the tough times as he overcomes the problem.


Tracking Progress

Both of you can check the Streak Tracking feature in BlockerX Premium on a daily basis. That will be motivating for him, as well as cues for you to encourage him as his streak keeps growing. This helps reinforce the idea of the value of the journey that you two are taking to overcome the problem. Your encouragement with this will help a lot.


Education on this Subject

We believe that you must know all you can on that subject to help your partner overcome the problem. As much as your partner can benefit from learning about the subject. There's a lot of information online, but it'll be hard to make sense of all of that. That's why we've put together a library of articles full of focused information, which is growing every day.

BlockerX Contributed to Improving Relationships

Porn is something i absolutely hate. But knowing that my boyfriend faced ed problems from it, made me really sad. We talked this out and decided to set out on the journey to recovery with Blockerx. We really enjoy the feeling of doing something worthwhile together. That is overcoming porn related ed and having a better sex life.
Jill Jones
I really like the fact that technology is helping us solve problems created by other technology. My boyfriend was really eager for a solution to his porn problem. I heard about this from a friend of mine and got this for him. He's really grateful for that and is using it to overcome this problem.
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It has been three months now that my boyfriend is using the blockerx subscription that i bought for him. He has been in a good mood for some time now, which i believe is due to the ousting of porn from his life. We're working together to improve on our sex lives.
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