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Women are craving the company of an Alpha Male today

Women are hardwired to be attracted to alpha males. Surveys have shown that women nowadays aren’t finding a lot of such companionships.
So why can’t the companion be you?

Here’s how BlockerX has helped users Realize their Alpha Self

I didn’t realize how much i was leaving on the table till I stopped watching porn and masturbating to it. Now I am a lot more productive and feel the hope that I can be an attractive partner. I got BlockerX premium at the right time and have never looked back since…
Jimmy Nelson
I got to know about BlockerX through the nofap community. And this is actually a great experience, as it helped me out in the moments where I would have watched porn and masturbated. But with my intention of becoming an alpha male, doing the right thing and the help of this app. I’m actually making progress towards becoming the strongest and the best version of myself.
Marco Juarez
Porn kills self esteem and we should stop this right now. We’re supposed to be out with women in real life and not masturbate to pixels. I really appreciate the features that we have with BlockerX premium. It helps me a lot and keep in track of becoming more alpha in my life.
Charles Brownlee

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You Need to Quit Porn & Masturbation first to become your Alpha Self

BlockerX premium is the failsafe option that you need to help you navigate through the challenges of not watching porn and masturbating in the hyper-stimulated world that we’re living in today. Using powerful methods as per scientific literature for creating lasting behavioral change


First you’ll have to escape all the temptations that might distract you from the goal. That is what BlockerX Premium does best.
It’ll block any porn that might show up on your mobile device or your computer.
And you can choose to block an unlimited number of distracting websites and apps that you think might distract you.


Alpha men have strong friendships that help them go out and achieve great things in the world. BlockerX Premium puts you on the right footing with the ‘Accountability Partner’ feature.
You can have a friend whom you trust hold you accountable in your goal to become an Alpha Male.

Support from peers

Beyond close friendships, you’ll get to exchange value with a tribe of people on the same path as you are. With this app, you’ll get to do just that and together you can become the best you.
Humans are social animals and that’s their biggest strength. You get to leverage that and win.

An Alpha Male has Higher Testosterone than the Average

Research has shown that there’s a 45% spike in testosterone levels in your body 7 days after you stop masturbating

Not masturbating, especially to porn brings you to the next level of focus & competence

Vigor & Vitality

That is how an Alpha Male starts his day as soon as he gets out of bed in the morning. That’s power, that’s energy from the food he eats.
But the body utilizes all that food for the ultimate purpose of creating semen. That is the essence of life and the source of creation among us. The Alpha Male doesn’t waste it, instead he uses it to fuel the great mission that he is on. Like Mike Tyson had a fight to win by dominating his adversary in the ring.
If you stop losing your semen, especially by means of porn, masturbation and orgasm. You’re leaving behind so much potential that you can use to be productive at the least, and a champion otherwise.
Your dopaminergic system will wire back to normal in a few months, recovering from all the damage it has taken from the hyper stimulated world today.
The sexual energy that builds up in your body, will urge you to take on athletic pursuits and become the strongest version of yourself.
Women will appreciate you doing such great things for yourself.


Mike’s an Alpha. Period!
He didn’t waste vital energy before bouts

It was a 5 year long period across which he abstained from masturbating completely. That, as he mentioned was one of the biggest drivers that led to his dominance inside the squared circle.
You can take a page out of his book and try that out for yourself.
This thing is powerful.


Mental Clarity

If you want to operate optimally in just about anything, your mind will have to be tuned up properly for that.
That’s where mental clarity is a must, and is one of the defining characteristics of an alpha male. As there will be lots of scenarios of ups and downs of different magnitude, in daily life and otherwise. Having the clarity of mind will allow you to not lose your grounding and attack the work at hand with supreme focus.
That is how you can create the life you want to, with the people you enjoy being around the most.
Steve Jobs had mental clarity, which allowed him to have a birds eye view of where computer technology was headed. He saw it clearly, he and his team worked on it tirelessly, and that’s how the world changed.
But the ultimate thing that you’re going to achieve by escaping porn, masturbation and orgasm is decisiveness & commitment.
The Alpha knows what he wants, he knows how to get it and he’s going out to get it. As you sign up for BlockerX Premium to commit to this way of life, you’ll be seeing the difference clearly.
You’ll be taking the first and the most important step towards becoming an Alpha Male.


Steve manifested his vital energy & changed the world.

Steve Jobs changed the way people use computing devices. Not once, not twice, but multiple times.
He is vision personified.
After getting into Zen Buddhism, he realized the value of the life force within him.
Then transmuted it into the genius that he brought upon the world.


An Alpha Male is a person who has accomplished something exceptional, or is in the process of doing so. Such are the things that add value to the lives of people.
That requires belief and a bold vision.
Exactly, what Muhammad Ali had, and worked with as he defied all odds and prove all the haters and doubters wrong. He also practiced abstinence from anything sexual before all his fights, and that worked out for him phenomenally.
He was able to transmute the sexual energy through his vision of becoming boxing world heavyweight champion. That’s alpha.
To become the Alpha Male, you have to have an ambitious vision backed by consistent effort. Most people don’t do that, just like they waste away their vital energy and can’t achieve much.
But the day you decide to stop wasting your semen at any cost, that’s the day you start becoming alpha.
The moment porn and masturbation goes out of your life, you’ll feel hope about your vision of becoming an Alpha Male in life. And you’ll have the energy to make it happen.
You can make a difference.

Ali shook up the world!
The force was strong with him.

Ali swore by this. He enjoyed all the built up energy and the jitteriness that he felt. And then used that to fuel his training and the bold vision that he had of proving the doubters wrong.
A big result of this was the famous photo of him standing victorious over Charles Liston.
It was then that he shook up the world, by defeating the most feared boxer at that time.


Semen is the neutron star of nutrition in your body. When you don’t waste it away, the body reabsorbs all that nourishment.
The brain stands to benefit from it the most.
There have been many accounts of people, especially ascetics who practice this and have found immense cognitive benefits.
A smaller version of that will be people who experience sharp functioning of the brain as they take the No Fap challenge. They find it easier to concentrate on all kinds of stuff.
That’s a big quality of an Alpha Male. They develop great cognitive capability with unwavering focus.
Elon Musk has said recently in a podcast that most people just worry way too much about fulfilling sexual desires. Where the more logical cortex of our brain works to serve the feelings of the limbic system. That’s absurd according to him.
And he’s right.
You can choose to give more power to your logical brain by getting rid of porn, masturbation and orgasm altogether. Then unleash the gift of genius in the world through your actions.
That’s truly Alpha.


Elon is taking humanity forward. In more ways than one.

Elon Musk is an interesting character, just as his views on this matter.
He’s of the opinion that people pay way too much energy on getting the pleasures of sex, without the genuine reason of procreation.
Self driving cars, and humans on Mars are the 2 things that he’s busy with the most, as of now.
Things bigger than most people would even dream of. That’s Alpha.

5 Aspects of the Alpha Male Lifestyle

Here are 5 things that you’ll find common across the lives of different Alpha Males



Once you decide that you’ll do something, then you do it. A goal from which you get positive emotions as you make steady progress towards it.
You don’t let any thought or any event detract you from the path that you’re on.

Physical Exertion

Your body is the vehicle through which you manifest your alpha energy in the world.
That is why you do the things that are necessary to maintain your body in peak performance condition.
Proper sleep, nutrition and exercise are the ways to make sure that happens.

Eliminate all Negative Mental Input

This is the nutrition for the mind. What you put in, you learn and believe.
BlockerX Premium is going to be your ultimate weapon for this. With this, you can block out any negative information that you want and keep it out for good.



You become focussed and orient your life around it to bring that into reality.
This requires sacrificing anything else that doesn’t fall in line with that.
Thus you get to achieve the things that you want in life, good for both you and the people you’re around.


Hang Out with Fellow Alphas

Iron sharpens iron. So you’ll have to surround yourself with people who will hold you to the highest standard.
That is how you consistently get better in your life.

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More people who are using BlockerX Premium to realize their Alpha Self

Through this i’ve found a great group of people who are caring and open to discussing problems. That has been very inspiring for me, and I really like that fact that I get to add value to them as well.
John Saunders
Everything feels easier after a week or so of not masturbating to porn. To me, if I get that part right, then everything else works fine. Previously i thought that these things are separate. But a lot stands on retaining your vital energy to fuel other cool stuff in your life. I feel really good.
Spencer Austin
I have been porn free thanks to blockerx premium and haven’t PMOed. That feels really good. Trust me, just get into the groove of not PMOing and it’ll be easier.
This app helps a lot in the initial tough period
Mitsuo Yamaguchi

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