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You need to stop watching porn today & focus on your task to be the best.

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How our users are quitting porn & gaining focus to achieve their goals

Never intended to waste my time and energy on porn and masturbation. But its the nature of that thing, where it traps you. Luckily with blockerx I was able to get a hold of that problem. Then I realized how much of a difference it makes. Now i’m doing noticeably better at medical school.
Claris Noggle
I had only read about not masturbating and wasting your semen in old scriptures. But only after trying that out for myself, I found that I had better mood and energy levels in general. The same tasks that felt mind numbing, now i can do. That especially applies to the studying i do after work. Thanks to the developers here.
Jatin Grover
How interesting it is that the same tasks feel so different to do in 2 different situations. As soon as i blocked all porn out of my device. The boring daily tasks are actually bearable and sometimes I even look forward to doing them. I know that such a feeling is the true feeling of focus and flow. Blockerx played a big part with this.
Brent Parton

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Your youth, energy & attention is limited.
That’s what constitutes your focus in life.
Is it worth wasting it away?

You have to have the focus like that of a bird of prey towards the thing that you want to achieve. And if you’re reading then you have an idea of how much depleting that can be for you.
So you have two choices from here on.
Either, you decide that you’ll do whatever it takes to conserve your focus & energy to use that for achieving your goal.
Or you get nothing done, as you waste all that potential in 3 – 4 seconds spurts of pleasure.

If You can Cut Out Porn & Masturbation to it First. You Take the First Step Towards Becoming a More Focused You.

There are many reasons for which masturbating to porn is the worst thing you can do if you want to achieve anything great. That affects you in both the physical and mental level. You’ll be a lot less energetic, out of focus and lose interest in all the things, big and little that you need to do to achieve the goal that you’ve set.
BlockerX Premium is the solution you need for that, as willpower isn’t something that you can rely upon for this. Here are the 3 ways that this will ensure that you won’t watch porn and get triggered to masturbate to it.


Using your willpower to tell yourself that you’ll not watch porn and masturbate to it no matter what, doesn’t work. You know that, we know that.
That’s what we’ve designed the blocking system for. All adult content will be blocked. And you can add however many keywords, apps or websites that you think can distract you.


You can change your behavior from being highly distracted, to a focused one. But that is really challenging if you’re on that all by yourself.
So, with the ‘Accountability Partner’ feature you can ask a friend whom you trust to help you. This feature makes it easier for your friend to help you become better.

Support from peers

There’s nothing like being part of a group of highly driven individuals. That’s what BlockerX Premium is going to get you. A group of people who are working a bit every day to become more focused, more productive.
You can ask them for advice, or give advice to a friend who’ll need it.

Stronger Focus will Allow You to Do More in the Same Time

2 hours of focused work is like 6 hours of work when you’re depleted, may be more. Everyone has 24 hours in a day, but it’s not the same quality wise. If you can quit porn and masturbation, then you can get more out of the time that you have in a day.
You get to decide which one you want.

Many young people following the trend of No Fap has reported higher levels of energy.
Our users have reported the same in the BlockerX community.

So what’s going on exactly?

Scientific research on the male body has pointed out that after a week of abstinence from masturbation, there was a 45% increase in testosterone levels.

That’s significant.

Testosterone is the primary male hormone, that’s responsible for the secondary sexual characters in the male body. But it has a lot of different effects on a day to day basis.

To paraphrase acclaimed neuroscience professor Andrew D. Huberman of Stanford University, as he said in a podcast recently –

Testosterone makes effort feel good.

Whenever you’re going for that last difficult rep in the weight room, or solving a complex problem at school or work. The more the testosterone in your system, the better it feels for you.

But the catch is that you’ll have to spend a lot of energy to have a fair chance at maintaining that state.

Not if you have BlockerX Premium.

4 Things that You’ll be Motivated to Do as You Get off of Porn

As you conserve the energy that you were losing out on as you were masturbating to porn. You can now channel that towards practices that you can engage in that will make you more focussed, energetic & successful.


Energy & Eagerness to Hit the Gym

This should come as obvious. As you stop watching porn and masturbating to it. You are going to feel the sexual energy building up in your body, looking for an outlet.

Even though this has happened many a times before, this time the outlet will be a more positive and productive one.

You can use this pent up energy to train harder at the gym and make a lot more gains. Also, effects of the physical exercise will calm your mind and bring a new level of stability and focus.

Your good health will reflect on your body.


Excellent Meditation Sessions

Watching porn and masturbating to it causes the pre-frontal cortex of the brain to diminish. That’s why if you’ve been PMO-ing, then you’ll find it a lot more difficult to concentrate on your breath or anything like that.

The quality of your meditation sessions are going to be poor, so least benefits.

But as soon as you escape porn and masturbation, you’ll see how much better every meditation session feels, and it will benefit you greatly.

You can reverse that damage your brain has taken from PMO.


Sharper Memory & Understanding

As your brain recovers from the damage that it takes. It is going to be more capable when it comes to helping you learn, both understanding and retention.

Clearing your mind of off unhelpful thoughts will give you more mental bandwidth. That is a very important thing in today’s world, where distractions are everywhere.

So, as you shift your focus from something that drains you, into something that enhances you. You will become a smarter and more capable person, and enjoy the process along the way.

Daily Chores are More Interesting

There are things in life, that is you do won’t make a world of difference. But if you don’t then it will create problems soon enough.

We call them daily chores.

People who are depleting their valuable vital energy by masturbating to porn, find these things really difficult to do.

But as you quit masturbating to porn, and have the necessary mental and physical energy. You’ll find joy in minute tasks such as these.


Who You Can Become

As you develop a high level of focus and discipline, you get to become whoever you had wanted to become since you were a little kid. That does take sacrifice and deliberate practice from your end, but now that’s something that you can do more efficiently.

BlockerX Premium is going to help you eliminate the ultimate obstacle in your way and set you free.

Since the advent of high speed internet porn, there have been many negative effects on people who use it compulsively. And by nature this thing is highly addictive.

There’s been an interesting experiment on how addiction develops. It was done on a pigeon who was to pull on a lever to receive a certain reward.

First, the researchers rewarded the pigeon with a food particle every time the pigeon pulled on the lever. The pigeon was doing fine and every time the pigeon wanted food, it pulled the lever to get what it wanted.

Second time onwards, the researchers stopped giving food in response to all the lever pulls by the pigeon. The behavior of the pigeon was normal, that is, after a few pulls when it figured out that food wasn’t coming at all, it gave up and went by it’s day.

Third time around was the most interesting, and albeit surprising. The researchers here introduced randomness in the pattern in which they gave the food to the pigeon in response of the lever pulls. Once the pigeon pulls, it got food. Same happened the second time, but the third-fourth time onwards there was no food. Only after an arbitrary number of pulls, did the pigeon got some more food.

When this happened, the pigeon went crazy when it comes to pulling the lever and spent all it’s energy doing that only.

This provides a glaring insight to how we interact with porn, as well as any other addictive substance.

When you have your first interaction with porn, and you masturbate to it. It’s wonderfully pleasurable. But not as much the second time, lesser the third time, and on and on. You feel a greater degree of pleasure burst when you maybe use some new porn, which is in most cases more extreme.

This cycle continues in an obsessive manner and you end up losing on your vital energy to a high degree. Most people are stuck in this vicious cycle, but now that you’re here reading this, you have the chance to free yourself from the cycle.

BlockerX Premium can help you do that.

All you have to do is break the cycle, and then stick to a goal that you value. Your dedicated focus will be the instrument for that.

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More people who are using BlockerX Premium has helped users with their goals

Porn is really draining for us. If you watch that, you’ll definitely end up masturbating to it compulsively. It’s better to masturbate without porn any day. My best bet has been to use blockerx and cut it all out.
Cesar Rossi
Getting into meditation has brought me to using blockerx. As i stopped masturbating i find that less and less distracting thoughts come up as i sit to meditate. Anyone getting into meditation should try removing porn and masturbating from their lives.
Josh Levi
Blockerx premium works really well. My personal favorite is the accountability partner feature which has worked for me well. I recommend other people try out this Blockerx premium feature. The peer pressure factor here is real, and it allows you to stick to your path effectively.
Robert Paulson

You only live once #YOLO.
So why not do what it takes to make the most out of it?

You can start the free trial and enjoy the full BlockerX Premium experience. We give a 7-day money back guarantee if you think the experience isn’t suiting your needs.

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