Chrome Extension

BlockerX – The Most Powerful Porn Blocker on Chrome

BlockerX is also a Chrome extension to block websites with adult content and keep your browsing clean. It is highly effective in blocking websites with adult content. It’s used best by installing Mac OS application/ Windows application on your computer.

Both these applications together will keep porn away from your computer.


Free Features

Google Chrome porn blocker

BlockerX chrome extension has a toggle to turn on and off adult content blocking. If this toggle is on, adult websites are blocked on Chrome. It also ensures that on search engines like Google and Bing, explicit content is filtered.

Specific websites/ keywords blocking

With this porn blocker extension, specific websites can be blocked by entering them to the list of websites to be blocked. Websites can also be blocked based on words/ phrases. When you add a keyword, any website that has this keyword will get blocked as well.

Premium Features

Accountability partner

You can add the email ID of a friend who can act as your accountability partner. Once an accountability partner is added, you will need the permission of your accountability partner to disable the blocker. In order to disable the blocker, an access code has to be entered which is sent to your accountability partner.

Sync blocked items list

The websites/ keywords that you block are automatically synced across your other devices. This way, if you change your device, your blocked items get synced automatically.

Unlimited items can be blocked

With premium, unlimited number of websites/ words can be blocked.