What are 20 Crazy Things Every Man Wants in a Woman? 

You might be wondering what makes a woman attractive to a man. It’s not just about looks, you know. They want a partner whom they can cherish, someone to have fun with. Let’s understand what exactly men are looking for in a woman. 

Men want similar things to what women want in a partner.

Every man seeks the ideal lady, despite the fact that the qualities they want in a woman differ. However, a recurrent theme is to find someone who is willing to accompany them on the rollercoaster of life and who will be there for them in any situation. That is why they take their time when it comes to committing. 

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Things Every Man Wants in a Woman


Finding a life partner is a life-changing decision for males. They put a lot of thought into it. They want a woman who is free-spirited, experimental, ambitious, takes care of her body, and communicates her needs and wants, not just a respectable woman who can help them, share obligations, and comfort them when they are down.

Many factors influence a man’s decision on which woman he wants to marry.

Here is a list of 20 qualities every man wants in a woman

  • Loyalty 
  • Don’t be Clingy
  • Be confident 
  • Brains
  • Women who are self-sufficient
  • A sense of being needed
  • Having a sense of humor 
  • Be caring 
  • She is accepting
  • She is kind
  • She is ambitious
  • Beauty does matter
  • Accepts Him Just the Way He Is 
  •  Brings out the best in him
  • She has similar ideals 
  • Be a friend
  • Put effort
  • Honesty
  • Decisiveness
  • Someone who smiles a lot
Someone who smiles a lot

Men desire women who will support them in both good and terrible times. It may have gotten more difficult to do these days as a result of ungrateful people abusing such opportunities, but it is still an important necessity for males in partnerships. Loyalty is something every man wants in a woman.

When most individuals think about fidelity in partnerships, they usually think of not cheating or romantically wandering outside of the relationship. Of course, avoiding cheating is an important component of being loyal in a relationship, but it isn’t the sole factor.

It takes much more than just sleeping with someone who isn’t your significant other to be loyal in a relationship. Even if their partner has not physically cheated on them, troubles occur when someone in a relationship feels that loyalty is lacking. 

You must understand what loyalty in a relationship looks like in the short and long term. This will help you decide what you should accept and what you shouldn’t accept, as well as offer you an idea of how to be a devoted significant other to your partner.

Understanding what loyalty looks like in relationships does not guarantee that you and your significant other will never have problems; however, when both parties are consistently loyal to one another, various issues in the relationship can be greatly reduced. 

Women who have stood by them and held them down have never regretted it.

  • Don’t be Clingy
Don't be Clingy

Even after marriage, if a couple maintains their own lifestyles, they will prosper. Men enjoy it when you respect their personal space; it demonstrates that you care about them. 

Clingy, needy women turn off the majority of guys. They can “read” it even if it is slight. Men are attracted to women who are self-sufficient but not needy… not so self-sufficient that she refuses to let him do things for her, but not needy either. She needs enough self-assurance that she doesn’t regard it as her fault if HE doesn’t like her. 

  • Be confident 
Be confident 

If you don’t love yourself, how can you expect someone else to love you? Allow yourself to let go of your insecurities rather than obsessing over them. No matter what, a man will adore you just the way you are. 

Women who are self-assured are safe. They are aware of who they are and who they are not. They are self-assured, not arrogant. They’ve figured out how to be at ease in their own flesh. They are aware of their flaws and are eager to work on them, but they are also aware of and proud of their strengths. 

Confidence is a quality every man wants in a woman. It shows that she knows her worth and she carries herself with a certain poise and grace.

Women might feel secure not just in themselves, but also in their relationships when they have that kind of security. They don’t waste time and energy on the envy game, which is a waste of time and energy. These ladies aren’t bottomless pits of neediness who are continually seeking affirmation that they are loved. 

  • Brains

Any wise man desires a wise lady. Someone who is intelligent and strong, and who has a viewpoint that differs from his. They enjoy being mentally stimulated and challenged. They’d like to learn something new. It’s nice to be inspired and see things from a different perspective now and then. They like someone who is intellectually interested, well-traveled, and well-informed. Men are attracted to intelligence just as much as they are to beauty. Even more so, because a mental link can never be broken. 

  • Women who are self-sufficient

Contrary to popular belief, today’s men deliberately seek women who are self-sufficient rather than dependent. They admire and respect a hardworking woman who can contribute on many levels, including monetarily, to the partnership. They’re searching for a partner, not a child to look after.

Even while they are fully prepared to accept their traditional responsibilities as family caregivers, they value a woman’s capacity to contribute to the team, care for any children they may have, and make key life decisions with them. They want someone who can help them in a variety of ways. 

  • Men require a sense of being needed

Men want to take care of the people they care about, and they want to be recognized for it. It makes them feel wonderful and promotes their “machismo.”

So why not help the man you care about feel good by allowing him to do things for you? It’s not going to hurt. Give your man a project now and then; even if you’re perfectly capable of handling it yourself, let him open the pickle jar. 

  • Having a sense of humor 
Having a sense of humor

Everyone is drawn to someone who can make them laugh, regardless of who they are or what sex they prefer. 

It is the same for guys. 

Men prefer women who can make them laugh as well as laugh at their jokes, according to research. 

This isn’t limited to cracking amusing jokes. After all, not everyone is born with wit. 

It is, however, about people who can laugh together. 

Spending time together becomes exciting, pleasant, and entertaining when you can’t help but laugh in unison. 

Men, on the other hand, dislike it when women make fun of them all the time. 

So, if you can, refrain from mocking him with jokes. It’s possible that you have the opposite problem. 

  • Be caring 

It’s time to take advantage of the fact that women are naturally more loving and empathic. 

According to studies, males value a woman’s ability to be compassionate and kind. 

Men are drawn to women who can look after them and take care of them when life throws them a curveball, even if he is emotionally unavailable. 

Women are excellent listeners, and if you can bring out his emotional and sensitive side by making him feel at ease, your relationship will take off like a bolt of lightning. 

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But it’s not just about how you treat your partner; it’s also about how you treat his family and friends. Also, be pleasant and friendly to them. 

Men appreciate a well-dressed woman. A stylish woman is something every man wants in a woman.

  • She is accepting

Men want to feel free to be themselves, even if it doesn’t always correspond to the idealised image of a man. 

A male is expected to be macho, driven, loud, competitive, and so forth by society. Men, on the other hand, are not always like that. 

So they’re looking for a woman who doesn’t have any preconceived assumptions about what a man should be. 

They want to be appreciated for who they are, not what others think they should be. 

And that includes the imperfections that every man (and woman) possesses. 

This is related to the last point in that a man wants to be accepted both when he is powerful and when he is ‘weak.’ 

  • She is kind

While there has been much said about males appreciating women, a guy will expect the same respect in return. 

This includes how she speaks to him, how she acts around him, and how she treats him even when he isn’t around. 

When a man and a woman treat each other with the same amount of respect, they will feel as if they are on the same team. 

Respect conveys to the recipient that they are deserving of respect, and this affirmation is equally vital for men and women. A kind person is what every man wants in a woman.

  • She is ambitious 
She is ambitious 

In addition to assisting a man in achieving his aspirations and objectives, the ideal woman has her own objectives. The ideal woman has a clear goal for her future and works hard to achieve it. It doesn’t have to be a job or a profession; it just has to be something she enjoys.

Men are drawn to women who question their beliefs, elicit pleasant feelings, and give them a run for their money. A lady with a strong will may also be too stubborn, which may be very frustrating at times. A wise lady understands how to pick her conflicts diplomatically. That is what allows her to succeed in the game of life.

A mature and ambitious individual is something every man wants in a woman.

  • Beauty does matter 
Beauty does matter

Always make an effort to present yourself in the best light possible. This will increase the number of possible suitors available to you. It is true that “what’s on the inside matters most.” However, folks must like the OUTSIDE before they will desire to investigate the INSIDE. Make an attempt to improve your appearance. 

Beauty is something every man wants in a woman. She doesn’t have to be a model or actress to fulfill this criterion, it just means that a man wants a woman who takes care of her appearance.

When it comes to long-term relationships, men value a woman’s face more than her physique, according to a recent study. 

  • Accepts Him Just the Way He Is 

He wants to be loved for who he is, no matter what he does, and he wants to know that a woman loves him no matter what. Being accepted for their true self is something every man wants in a woman.

  •  Brings out the best in him

Men appreciate a lady who inspires them to be their best selves. When a man is with you, he will recognize how much better he is as a man and will want to be around you more. How do you go about doing that? By allowing him to realize the possibilities in himself that he previously overlooked. Be encouraging, upbeat, and positive. Be a part-time coach and part-time cheerleader. Start doing these things, and in no time, you’ll be bringing out the best in him, and he’ll notice. 

  Then, before you know it, he’ll start telling you that. 

  • She has similar ideals 

The basis on which a person’s life is built is their values. As a result, it should come as no surprise that a man will seek out a woman who shares many of his beliefs. 

After all, it’s tough to construct a life together if you’re each starting from a different place. The construction will simply not be sound. These values could include your political viewpoint, how you feel about religion and its role in society, and how you feel about human rights. 

When you have similar beliefs and viewpoints, it makes it easier to build a peaceful relationship and eliminates some of the most typical reasons for conflict. 

Many of the qualities that a man admires in a woman are the same qualities that a woman admires in a guy.   

  • Be a friend

Support is an important aspect of any relationship. Even the most powerful guy wants to know that someone will be there to help if he fails spectacularly.

One of the things that guys secretly desire is to feel supported. Showing him that you are proud of him will elicit a surprise response. A genuine friend is something every man wants in a woman.

  • Put effort

Make it clear to your man that you are making an effort to appear your best for him. Before you meet, put on some cosmetics and choose your wardrobe carefully. 

Show your desire for him by taking action. You don’t have to wait for your man to make physical contact with you. Don’t hide your feelings for someone and act when you feel like it. For any male, it’s a major turn-on. Put in the effort, this is something every man wants in a woman.

  • Honesty 

Of course, on the first date, you won’t tell him everything there is to know about you. But don’t be a liar. If you’re going to stay together, he’ll find out eventually. Instead of lying about things you can’t tell him, simply state you’re not ready to share them with him yet, but you will be one day. 

Honesty will be something every man wants in a woman.

  • Decisiveness 

After your third date, if you say “it’s up to you” when asked where you want to go tonight, he’ll undoubtedly think of you as clingy and indecisive. And that is a huge turn-off for men. 

They anticipate a future with an overly reliant woman when they see a lady who doesn’t know what to do when faced with the simplest of decisions. And that’s the future they’re trying to avoid. 

  • Someone who smiles a lot

“Smiling makes you appealing in two ways: physically and psychologically. Who doesn’t like seeing a woman’s face lit up with a wide smile?” According to one individual. “But also on an emotional level, because if you smile a lot, I’ll assume you’re a happy person, and cheerful people are inherently more appealing than people who are continuously upset about something.” 

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