Lack of self-control has led many to destruction. Many people are aware of this destructive method but are unable to stop it due to addiction. 

Some are unaware of the destruction and think of it as stress relief, but this misconception is going to be very dangerous, as not all things that provide happiness and relief are good. 

It must be clear to a lot of you that I am discussing the damaging results of immoderate masturbation. Excessive masturbation has an impact on one’s emotional fitness. 

Porn use is the principal aspect behind this unhealthy practice. People’s dopamine stages upward push once they watch porn, which relieves anxiety and makes them experience relief. 

As formerly noted, not everything that relieves stress is beneficial because there are loads of unfavorable repercussions on a person’s everyday existence. 

Which can range from causing psychological effects like brain fog, guilt, and anxiety to causing sexual tension like premature ejaculation and less interest in real relationships. 

Therefore, giving up this addiction is the only option to protect yourself from this harmful consequence and to experience some favorable results in your sexual life, mental health, and emotional well-being. 

For this reason, we have added this article in which we will discuss the damaging influences of masturbation on your bodily, intellectual, social, and emotional health, in addition to how to stop it. 

The Physical Effects of Stopping Masturbation 

Let’s start by discussing the impact of masturbation on physical health, including how it affects mood, semen levels, dopamine, and other functions of the body, and how quitting will help. 

what happens if you stop masturbating

A. Changes in hormone levels 

Endocrine produces a chemical called the hormone, which affects our growth, mood, metabolism, etc., and is very essential. Excessive masturbation affects this essential chemical produced by the endocrine system. 

which changes the mood of a person, making him feel demotivated and anxious. Below is a detailed explanation of how masturbation due to porn addiction leads to a change in a person’s mood. 

1. Decreased levels of dopamine and endorphins 

It is natural for a person to masturbate while watching porn; however, this immoderate masturbation can lead to sensitivity troubles. That is, if someone masturbates very often, his brain will begin getting used to the dopamine and endorphins launched, making him feel insensitive. 

A person who won’t be able to get sexual delight will start losing his shallowness, leading to demotivation and tension. So, if you do not want your brain to get used to the immoderate release of dopamine and endorphins, quitting masturbation will assist you. 

If you often masturbate, it may assist you in regaining your sensitivity; if you aren’t experiencing insensitivity, it will assist you in keeping away from this problem. 

2. Potential effect on mood and motivation 

Excessive masturbation plays a crucial role in temper swings and motivation because a person who masturbates feels a sense of guilt and has an issue gratifying his sexual satisfaction, leading to demotivation. 

Studies claim that someone who quits masturbation for 7 days reports increased testosterone levels. So, if you want to see a rise in your testosterone levels and defend yourself from feeling demotivated, then you have to set yourself free from the addiction of masturbation. 

B. Effects on the reproductive system 

Till now, we have discussed the potential side effects of masturbation on the hormone level. Now let’s discuss the potential side effects of excessive masturbation on the reproductive system. We will discuss how this addiction affects sexual desires and leads to sexual dysfunction. We will also discuss how it leads to infertility by reducing sperm count and quality. 

1. Erectile dysfunction 

Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a very serious problem because a person suffering from it is not able to maintain his erection, i.e., he either can’t erect or erect before time, which causes dissatisfaction in sexual life. 

Excessive masturbation can lead to this problem, so if you want to maintain your erection and don’t want to suffer from sexual dissatisfaction, then you have to leave masturbation. 

2. Changes in semen volume and quality 

It has been seen that a person who masturbates frequently lowers the chances of fertility, as excessive masturbation leads to decreased sperm quality and count. 

So, if you want to see your offspring, I would suggest you start practicing semen retention because if you don’t start now, you might start facing decreased sperm count or quality, which will lead to infertility. 

The Emotional Effects of Stopping Masturbation 

Emotional well-being is very crucial for any individual to lead a better life, and stopping masturbation can contribute to it. Below are the details of how stopping masturbation contributes to the emotional well-being of an individual. 

A. Impact on mental clarity and focus 

Impact on mental clarity and focus 

A person who engages in excessive masturbation suffers a negative impact on his focus and clarity; he starts losing his decision-making power, which leads to questioning his sanity. Below is an overview of how compulsive masturbation leads to a decline in concentration and decision-making power. 

1. The role of dopamine in cognitive function 

We are all aware of the fact that when a person watches porn, his brain releases dopamine, but very few are aware of the importance of balancing dopamine, as an imbalance of dopamine may lead to a reduced ability to make decisions or solve any problem. 

So, if you want to keep your cognitive function functioning properly, you will have to leave this addiction behind, or else in the future, you might not be able to make sane decisions. 

2. Potential improvement in concentration and productivity 

A person who is addicted to masturbation thinks about it most of the time, leading to reduced focus and concentration, also known as brain fog. This reduced concentration and focus affect the daily life of an individual as they start getting low marks in exams due to a lack of concentration. 

Or are unable to complete work-related tasks, leading to low productivity. Excessive masturbation may reduce these negative effects and help a person gain more clarity and focus in their life. 

B. Effects on self-esteem and body image 

Many people believe that masturbation leads to self-discovery, which is not wrong, as people who masturbate start to understand their bodies, but what they are unaware of is that excessive masturbation leads to low self-esteem and negative thoughts about their body image. 

1. The influence of cultural factors on self-perception 

The world has developed so much, but still, the backward thinking that sex and masturbation are not good and topics related to these should not be discussed openly as people will start judging you is constant. 

These conceptions lead to a sense of guilt and an outcast feeling among the individuals who practice masturbation. So, if you don’t want to live your whole life in guilt and feel like an outcast, leaving this habit is the only choice left. 

2. Potential boost in confidence and body acceptance 

Porn addicts generally don’t want to socialize, as they spend all their free time watching porn videos and masturbating. This leads to not only unrealistic expectations from others but also from themselves. 

The expectations are generally about figure, size, enjoyment, etc., which are generally left unfulfilled, leaving the addicts demotivated about themselves. So, if you don’t want to lose your confidence and accept your body’s features, you have to leave this addiction. 

The Social and Relationship Effects of Stopping Masturbation 

Masturbation not only affects the physical state of a person but also affects their social relationships by negatively affecting their sexual desire and energy. Below is a detailed view of the negative effects of masturbation and how stopping it can help prevent them. 

A. Changes in sexual desire and behavior 

A person addicted to masturbation experiences many negative effects on their sexual desire and behavior, which can range from premature ejaculation to no interest in real relationships. Below is a detailed view of how masturbation leads to premature ejaculation and other sexual health deterioration. 

1. Potential increase in sexual energy and desire for real-life experiences 

A person who is involved in masturbation can have unrealistic expectations about sex, which might lead to no desire for a real sexual relationship, which is very harmful. 

So, if you want to lose your interest in the real world and live in a world where you can’t even express your thoughts and needs, then you can continue masturbating, but if not, then start your journey towards nofap now. 

2. Impact on relationships and sexual satisfaction 

Excessive masturbation leads to decreased sexual desires, which may be due to the imagination that the addicts have built or to erectile dysfunction. 

So, if you don’t want to have a poor sexual life and stay away from premature ejaculation, just leave masturbation, because if you leave it, you might escape these negative effects and improve your sex life. 

B. Influence on interpersonal connections 

Excessive masturbation affects the interpersonal connection between people because it starts making addicts feel lonely and unloved and breaks their social connection, leading to an isolated life. Below is a detailed view of how it affects interpersonal skills and how stopping it will help. 

1. Shift in focus from self-gratification to social interaction 

People who watch porn and masturbate start losing self-confidence; they stop interacting with people due to the fear of being judged, which leads them to a dull and isolated life. 

If you don’t want to experience a dull life and keep your self-confidence in check, try leaving masturbation, because the moment a person starts trying to leave this addiction, his self-confidence starts to boost. 

Because he is trying something to improve himself, it has increased his self-confidence. Now he can even attend a social gathering and speak his mind, as he doesn’t have to live a guilty life. 

2. Potential improvement in communication and intimacy 

A person who has no self-control over himself can never feel worthy, and that is why people who masturbate always underestimate themselves. 

They feel that they can’t even control themselves, so how will they control any other situation? This thought makes them feel distant from others, and they fear speaking about themselves. 

But once they stop this masturbation habit, they start realizing their true worth and have a positive change in themselves. Now they think that if I can get over this addiction, then there is no other force that can stop them from achieving any of their goals. 

The Mental Effects of Stopping Masturbation 

An individual’s mental health is adversely affected by masturbation since it might lead to addiction. Anxiety, tension, and sadness result from this addiction’s increased isolation and decreased socializing. An extensive explanation of how excessive masturbation causes stress, anxiety, and depression is discussed below. 

1. Get less sleep. 

Those who view porn at night run the risk of not getting enough sleep since masturbating causes a hormonal shift in the body that makes the individual more active. 

Therefore, you should stop masturbating and concentrate on your physical and mental health because sleep deprivation may lead to a lot of side effects. 

2. Stress 

Those who often engage in masturbation may experience stress because dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin chemicals are released during a masturbation session, making them feel relaxed, but these same chemicals can produce stress the day after the session ends. 

What I mean to say is that if a person gets addicted to masturbation and then leaves it for even one day due to any reason, he starts feeling stressed because now his body is getting used to the chemical release. So, if you don’t want to get stressed because you are unable to masturbate, you have to leave this addiction. 

3. Depression 

Humans are social beings, so it is very necessary to interact with people, but people suffering from excessive masturbation tend to keep themselves away from socialization because they like to be isolated, which opens the door to depression. 

So, if you don’t want to slip into depression and maintain your mental health, leave this habit. This will help you focus on socialization and improve your daily life. 


After learning about the effects of masturbation, like sexual dysfunction, brain fog, social anxiety, depression, etc., you should now start your new self-discovery journey towards a healthy sexual life. Below are a few ways to start this journey. 

Learn from other experiences. 

You can learn from others’ experiences by joining support groups like the Nofap community or movements like No Nut November, where you will meet people like you and have the benefit of sharing your thoughts and learning from their experiences. 

Get help from a therapist. 

You can obtain assistance from a sex therapist to enhance your sexual performance and experiences if, for personal reasons, you don’t want to join a community or group. 

Read books and articles. 

If you think you have great willpower and can overcome it alone, then reading books and articles about the negative effects of masturbation and how people deal with it will help you deal with the problem. 


People mistakenly consider that by watching porn, they are getting in-depth knowledge of intercourse and additionally lowering their stress level, which contributes to a healthy sexual lifestyle. 

But what they are missing is the fact that all of this is just a show, and it might seem good from the outside, but this stress relief method is eating them from the inside, as excessive masturbation is harming their sexual performance along with their other mental and physical health. 

Because it causes sexual dysfunction, a sense of guilt, a decline in cognitive function, and might also push someone into depression. So, if you have the desire to live a better life, improve your sexual performance, and save yourself from other mental health and psychological effects, then please consider leaving this addiction behind. 

Leaving this addiction behind will not only help you get health benefits but will also help you increase focus and energy and give you time to socialize so that you don’t feel like an outcast. To leave this addiction, you can join a Nofap support group or movement like No Nut November or No Shave November. You can also seek expert assistance from a sex therapist. 


What advantages come with quitting masturbating? 

Giving up on porn can help you have higher testosterone levels, good sperm quality, higher sperm counts, and better sexual health. It will also boost your sex drive and desire to engage in sexual activity. Additionally, it will eliminate social anxiety, improve attention and concentration, and avoid brain fog. 

How can I restart my sexual life? 

To restart sexual activity and reduce sexual tension in your life, the first step you have to take is to quit porn addiction. You can join support groups like the Nofap community and No Nut November, or get help from a sex therapist. They will help you get your sex life back on track. 

What is the biggest misconception about porn? 

Porn addiction leads to a healthy sexual life as people gain sexual experiences, and it also has positive effects on the overall health of an individual as it reduces stress, but in reality, it causes sexual tension as it leads to premature ejaculation and negatively affects the emotional well-being of an individual. 

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Morgan Schmidt

Morgan Schmidt, LPC, a Yale University graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, specializes in addiction treatment and is a licensed professional counselor. His practice as a therapist is informed by both his academic background and hands-on experience in the field. In addition to his therapeutic work, Morgan is also an active writer, sharing his knowledge on psychological and addiction topics, thereby reaching and educating a broader audience.