Children and Technology – 9 Examples to Set for a Healthy Relationship


Can you imagine living your life without technology today? There are some things in life that we can live without and some things that we just can’t. Technology falls in the latter group.  Our smartphones, computers, and all our other gadgets have become such an integral part of our life, that it practically feels impossible […]

Am I Wasting my Time on Porn? – Things you’re Losing Out On


Ever asked yourself – ‘Am I wasting my time watching porn?’. Short answer Yes, but let’s break it down here. Our society has seen more technological advances in the last 30 years, than ever before in the history of mankind.  There are new developments and evolutions taking place every day.  Many things have become a […]

6 Reasons to Consider Blocking over Tracking to Limit Smartphone Usage

The time we spend attached to our digital devices is growing exponentially with each passing day. An average American adult spends approximately 4-5 hours on their phones on a daily basis. Of which, 3 hours and 30 minutes are spent using mobile data. This report from Zenith shows a 20% increase in screen time between […]

5 Serious Limits of Rational Thinking Hindering Porn Addiction Recovery


Are human beings rational or irrational species?  There are a large number of debates that have taken place over this topic in the last few decades. The truth is, human beings are neither rational nor irrational completely. Our rational thinking only comes into play when needed and has the capability of switching off at other […]

Taking PornHub Down – What Happened & It’s Consequences


Towards the end of 2020, the adult entertainment site PornHub removed more than half of its videos after facing major controversy and criticism worldwide. An exposé by The New York Times revealed that more than half of the content uploaded on this adult content streaming site was a hub for highly illegal content. Content that […]

Rationalization – The Biggest Enemy of Behavioral Change


Would you like to know what one of the most fascinating things in the world is? It’s our ability to lie to ourselves. The little lies we tell ourselves throughout the day are all a part of the rationalization process. Humans are masters at this. “Oh it’s ok if I eat 2 pieces of cake […]

Twitter Banning Porn?! – How that’s Working & the Problems for You


Talks of Twitter banning porn goes around all the time. But to explain that simply – It’s Complicated. It is a true social media giant and one of the most popular platforms today. How easy the app is to use and the rapid-fire element it holds has made it a handy communication tool worldwide.  But […]

Revenge Porn has Become a Menace in Our Society


In 2019, a freshman Democrat from the state of California turned in her resignation from Congress.  The reason behind this you ask? Earlier that month there were nudes photos of her that were leaked to the press, without her knowledge. It was later alleged that it was the congresswoman’s separated husband, who had committed this […]

Smartphone Security Guide: 14 Tips for Total Safety


Look back at your day so far. Consider everything you’ve done throughout the day that includes your smartphone. Things you’ve done on your smartphone and the things your smartphone has done for you.  Transcribed notes? Made phone calls? Set reminders? Counted your steps? Navigated you to a new destination? Reminded you to drink water? Today, […]

Motivational Wallpapers: The Easiest Way To Motivate Yourself

2020 has been a rough year. As a whole, humanity has been through a lot. Sometimes all the negativity around can really affect your mental health. But, it is your own duty to ensure this does not happen.  Recovering from addiction, amidst a pandemic can be especially hard. With nowhere to go and nothing to […]