Is Masturbazione Diversa dal Sesso?

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A large number of people on the internet are confused by a similar question: “How different is masturbation from having sex in real life?” A big reason for the lack of awareness on such essential subjects is that little to no sex education is provided.

Today, we will change that for you and provide you with the information you have been looking for.


Both masturbation and sex with a partner lead to an orgasm, so does that make them interchangeable? Let’s take a look at how similar or different masturbation is when compared to having sex with a partner in real life.

What is Masturbation?

Masturbation is a typical and normal human sexual behaviour that entails self-genital stimulation for sex pleasure. It is a private act that has been carried out throughout history and among many cultural groups.

While addressing masturbation respectfully and with knowledge is crucial for fostering sexual health and well-being, it is often taboo in many communities.

In order to masturbate, one often touches, rubs, or stimulates their own genitalia. In addition to increased stimulation from fantasies, erotica, or pornography, it may incorporate a variety of methods such employing hands, fingers, or sex toys.

Masturbation is a sexual behavior that both sexes participate in, whether it be alone or with a partner as a means of mutual closeness and discovery.

To reach an orgasm and feel sexual pleasure is one of the main motivations for masturbating. People may learn about their own sexual reactions, explore their own bodies, and find out what makes them feel good. When sexual activity with a partner is not possible or wanted, it may also function as a healthy and secure release for sexual tension and desire.

Masturbation has a lot of positive psychological and physical effects. In terms of the body, it may encourage relaxation and stress reduction by causing the production of endorphins, which are innate mood boosters.

Additionally, masturbation may strengthen pelvic floor muscle tone, lessen women’s monthly cramps, and improve sleep.

Masturbation has been linked psychologically to increased self-esteem and a favorable body image. The ability to take charge of their own pleasure and satisfaction may give people a feeling of sexual empowerment and self-confidence.

In order to better understand one’s sexual identity and preferences and how to express them to romantic partners, masturbation may also be a useful technique.

Additionally, masturbation has a good impact on sex relationships. People are often better able to express their wants and wishes to their partners when they are at ease with and informed about their own bodies and sexual reactions.

In order to increase closeness and pleasure, masturbation may also be included in partnered sexual activity.

  • The fact that masturbation is a typical and healthy sexual action must be emphasized. Contrary to widespread beliefs and myths, it has no harmful effects on one’s physical or mental health. In actuality, masturbation is regarded as a normal and secure sexual behaviour.

  • Infertility, blindness, or any other negative outcomes that are sometimes linked to it are not caused by it. As long as it is carried out in a secure, mutual, and private setting, it is a personal decision, and people should feel free to partake in it.

  • Although masturbation is a common aspect of human sexuality, it’s important to keep in mind that everyone has different comfort zones and limitations. Because of their personal, cultural, or religious convictions, some people may decide not to masturbate, and their decisions should be respected.

  • It is essential to approach conversations regarding masturbation with honesty, respect, and compassion while keeping in mind that different people may have different tastes and experiences.

But of course, there are a lot more different experiences recorded by those who have experienced both. So, why do people masturbate? Plenty of research has shown about benefits of masturbation :

Listed below are a few :

  • Sexual tension release Reduces stress
  • Makes you sleep better
  • helps to improve body image and self-esteem
  • A few sexual problems can be treated
  • Relives menstrual cramps and muscle tension
  • Strengthens muscle tone in pelvic and anal areas

Having mentioned the above things people masturbate for different reasons. But most opt for that as it makes them feel good. Many believe that one has to be single in a relationship without partners, but there are many couples who believe that even if they have sexual partners they have a high tendency to masturbate.

Also masturbating when you are in a relationship doesn’t mean one of the couple is not sexually satisfied. Masturbation can be good for your mental health and physical health.

Masturbation refers to when an individual stimulates their genitals for their own sexual pleasure, often resulting in an orgasm. In such a situation one often seeks help from pornographic content to induce arousal.

The practice of masturbation is common among men and women of all ages and plays an important role in the healthy sexual development of an individual. 

Some Facts to Put Things in Perspective 

Surveys show that roughly 83 per cent of adult men and 52 per cent of adult women between the age of 25-55 masturbate. While among teens in the age group of 14-17, around 74 per cent of males and 48 per cent of females masturbate.

If we look further into this, masturbation presents an interesting contradiction. While a large percentage of people, the ones in relationships especially, continue to masturbate often. Many are not comfortable talking about it openly. 

Masturbation is the most common form of sex anyone has. It is very different from relationship sex. People choose masturbation for different reasons than they choose relationship sex. Masturbation and relationship sex are definitely not interchangeable but can often complement one another, depending upon the relationship and level of understanding between the two individuals. 

Watching porn, and then masturbating will also compromise your attention span, leading to a whole host of other problems. From not being able to direct concentration towards your vocation, to not being attentive to your partner. So, as you can see not only is masturbation different, but is likely to affect the latter adversely.

Sex in real life, specifically between couples, requires cooperation with another person. Unlike masturbation, where you just need to ask yourself, sex in real life requires you to get many more things coordinated for it to work and occur. With how fluid human beings are, sex has no single universal truth meaning. It varies highly for each person and sometimes each time a person engages in sex.

Here are the Five Main Ways in which Masturbating to Porn is Completely Different from Sex in Real Life:

1. Masturbation lacks intimacy and affection

While masturbation can get the job done and make you feel content and sexually satisfied. It fails to fill up a certain void. As human beings, we are inherently social animals, as a result of which we often crave affection and intimacy from other social being. For many sex with another individual is the main source of taking care of these cravings. When you take sex out of the equation, you also take away the intimacy and affection that come along with it. 

While we are still figuring out if masturbation is a supplement for sex or if it stimulates sex, many individuals have confessed that it lacks the intimacy that is experienced during sex. People have experienced a lack of love and affection when compared to sex.

While one can try to replace sex with masturbation to fulfil their sexual needs, one cannot use it to fulfil their emotional needs. 

2. Excessive masturbation can cause health care problems

To some degree, excessive masturbation could injure and hurt you. Though the injury can be mild like skin chaffing of the vagina and penis and in certain severe scenarios can even cause Peyronie’s disease, which means a build-up of plaque in the shaft of the penis due to excess stroking. If this becomes a frequent occurrence, experts advise to limit the frequency of masturbation.

3. People often experience negative feelings after masturbating


While sex can make one feel accomplished and satisfied, masturbation can often have the opposite effect. Many religions consider masturbation a sinful activity, plus the social stigma and countless myths surrounding this activity do not help the case.

As society penetrates these stigmas into our brains from a young age, many consider the act of masturbation to be immoral. The negative atmosphere surrounding masturbation can often lead to feelings of guilt, anxiety, shame, or self-loathing after doing the act.

Study shows that 67% of men are washed over by a wave of sadness soon after masturbating and watching porn. This is something that should be stopped at once, and BlockerX can help do that.

4. Masturbation is easily addictive

We are all aware that sexual activities and behaviours can be highly addictive. However, the most addictive of these activities is the act of masturbation. While most other sexual activities require you to sync up your schedules with a partner. Masturbation only requires you, your time, and some privacy, which makes it easily accessible. 

Although it’s great how easily one can derive sexual pleasure from the act of masturbation. This easy accessibility, plus the excess amount of pornographic content available online can make this activity highly addictive.

As for the urges you feel, that push you to masturbate time and again, they are just going to increase if you keep doing that. Here is a perspective to consider that’ll help you cope with that the best you can.

Such an addiction can often have major effects on one’s mental and physical health.

5. Masturbation reduces the risk of STDs

The absence of a sexual partner means a lower risk of getting sexually transmitted diseases. When engaging in sexual activities with a partner, one needs to ensure they take all the necessary precautions to ensure protection from sexually transmitted infections like Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea, Herpes, AIDS, and many more.

However, this does not mean one is safe from sexual problems/ genital infections while masturbating. For many, the act of masturbation involves the usage of adult toys. If these toys are unclean and not sanitised often, it can cause bacterial infections. This may increase the risk of sexual infections and will cause more harm than pleasure.

To Wrap Up..

Some people may feel embarrassed, guilty, or ashamed when talking about masturbation. But masturbation is normal, with several health benefits, and not something to feel guilty about.

It will not cause blindness like what you might’ve been told as a child, and neither will it cause any other physical or mental problems if it is done in moderation. Often, the effects of masturbation can be positive on one’s life and relationships as well. 

However, this does not mean that masturbation and sex with a partner are the same. They are both completely different sexual activities that can be used to satisfy one’s sexual needs and desires. But, they are not interchangeable. 

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