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Block Porn on Android with BlockerX

If you’re an Android user, BlockerX can help you block adult content on your mobile device. Once you set up BlockerX on your phone, turn on the porn blocker. Personalize your settings by switching on the features that you wish to use.


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Amazing Features For Free

Porn blocker

This key feature of BlockerX removes all adult content from your results page. If you wish to further block specific websites, use the ‘website blocker’ feature on BlockerX android.

Safe Search Option

Protect yourself and your family from exposure to adult content on Google and other search engines. The safe-search feature filters content online and provides safer porn-free hits. This also enforces a restricted mode on YouTube, which filters adult videos.

Watch Video Courses

Watch videos and self-help courses to improve your lifestyle both online and offline. These courses take you through a step-by-step process of understanding porn and how it affects the brain.

Be a part of the Community

BlockerX has a community of over 100k people, who are on a similar journey as you. Share your progress with the community and read stories that are similar to your struggles. Find comfort in knowing that you are not alone.

Block trigger words

Restrict specific words that may trigger or give you explicit content on your browsers and apps. Certain words do not carry sexual connotations but they can still produce sexual content online. Consider the word ‘hot’ as an example.

Use the App Blocker

Block apps that you find distracting like Instagram, Twitter, or even YouTube. Increase your productivity by adding these apps to your blocklist. You can deactivate the App Blocker when required.

Our Premium Features

Knowing and overcoming porn addiction is more accessible now. Our experts write about topics like dealing with urges and offering knowledge along with practical tips on a daily basis.  To understand more about Addiction visit our Blog Section

Uninstallation Notification and Change of Settings

It helps you in avoiding relapses. Whenever you uninstall the BlockerX from your device, we send a notification to your accountability partner stating that you have uninstalled the BlockerX app.

Set App Lock

Set an app lock to prevent others from changing your desired filters and settings. This feature can be helpful with children.

Sync your customized settings across devices

With a click of a button, you can now bring your preferred settings across different devices.

Block your notification bar

Notifications piling up in your notification bar can become a distraction. Block it to prevent access to any unnecessary ads.

Stricter blocking abilities

The app provides next-level blocking capabilities to get you that extra protection.

Display Custom messages

You can now display any message of your choice on the block screen. This message will appear when you try to access a page that contains explicit content. You can customize it to display anything from motivational quotes to lyrics.

Custom redirect URL

When a block screen appears, you can utilize this feature to redirect you to a URL you wish to open. Once you click the 'Go Back' button on the block screen, you will be redirected to a webpage of your liking.

Add an Accountability Partner

1. Your accountability partner or buddy will be notified of your daily activities.
2. You can only change your keyword, blocklist, and blocker settings with authorization from your accountability partner.
3. Porn blocker can only be disabled with the permission of your accountability partner.

Block newly installed apps

Make things simpler for you, this feature helps you block newly installed apps that may act as a gateway to other adult video platforms.

No more ads

Now with premium, say goodbye to those annoying ads.

Our Happy Customers

I generally tend to not review stuff. But this app is too good. Every features is designed to stop you from fall into your addiction trap. And they definitely don't force you to buy premium. You can pretty much go without it. If you had premium it's extra benefit for you but it's your choice. Keep it up the good work.

Bidyut Dutta

This app is a godsend. I have been struggling with p addiction for years and this app helped a lot. Any time i get an urge and open up a website, it immediately blocks it. It's just perfect.

Hellrider 386

I'm starting to love this app. It plays a great role in blocking my browsers from pmo. The streak count option and community posts plays a important role too. I changed little bit cause of this app and I'll change more of myself and thank you so much.

Jagadhish Vegi
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    Frequently Asked Questions
    We offer a 3 day free trial for you to see the value that BlockerX provides. If you cancel your subscription before the 3 day free trial ends, you won’t be charged.
    It looks like your phone manufacturer is disabling our background processes. You can make the following changes to ensure that the blocker doesn’t turn off automatically: 
    1. Go to Settings > Apps > BlockerX > Power Usage Details > App Launch and turn OFF the ‘Manage Automatically’ option.
    2. Restart your device.
    It looks like your phone manufacturer is disabling our background processes. Here’s how you can prevent the blocker from turning off automatically: 
    1. Open the BlockerX app. 
    2. Open the background apps from the bottom navigation buttons of your phone (screenshot: https://drive.google.com/file/d/18sWj7Fbl2YI9pWmzZoI3oKEmKANbAMm2/view?usp=sharing).
    3. Lock BlockerX app among the background apps.
    4. Keep BlockerX always in the background for blocking to work properly. 
    It looks like your phone manufacturer is disabling our background processes. Here’s how you can prevent the blocker from turning off automatically: 
    1. Restart your device.
    2. Open the Settings menu on your Xiaomi device and select the Battery Performance feature. 
    3. Select the Manage App & Battery Usageoption and tap on Choose Apps.
    4. Find and selectBlockerX and then tap on No Restrictions. 
    It looks like your phone manufacturer is disabling our background processes. Please turn  off the battery optimization feature for the app. Here are the steps for that: 
    1. Restart your device.
    2. After restarting, go to Settings. Open Battery & Power Usage.
    3. Scroll down and findBlockerX and open it.
    4. Turn off the Battery Optimization feature.
      You’ll be able to do it this way. But in case you need instructions specific to your device,  then you can google ‘how to turn off battery optimization + [your device name]’ and  you’ll find the necessary instructions from there. 
    If you are a non-premium user and installed on both child and parent devices. Here are the steps to remove BlockerX from your child’s device.    
    1. First, youhave toopen BlockerX on the parent’s device. On the home screen, click on  the ‘More’ option in the bottom right corner.  
    2. Then, click on ‘Settings’. When you click on it, you’ll see ‘UninstallBlockerXon  child’s device’.  
    3. Once you click the ‘UninstallBlockerXon child’s device’ functionality, you get a  dialogue box then click on “Yes”.  
    4. You need to press “YES” among the dialogue box options. TheBlockerXapp will then  be uninstalled on the child’s phone. 
    5. You will receive a notification “App Uninstalled on child’s device” and now you can uninstall it from the (parent) device. 
    You can also refer to this video to uninstall the app from your child’s device. Here’s the  link: 4 Easy Steps to Uninstall the Parental Control Version of BlockerX 
    Kindly follow these steps:  Settings >> Additional Settings >> Privacy >> Security >> Device Administrators > > BlockerX > > Turn off device admin and uninstall the app. 
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