Powerful and Simple Porn Blocker

To achieve the best results, right-click on the BlockerX icon on your desktop and set it to ‘Run as administrator’.


Don't be afraid to give up the bad to go for the great

Block porn or adult content access.

BlockerX removes all adult content from your results page. Block access to all types of adult video platforms online.

Block specific sites

To further block specific websites, you can use the ‘website blocker’ feature on BlockerX to prevent all access to these sites. Create customized blocker settings.

Pause internet usage

Prevent accessing the internet for 15 mins or more. Increase your productivity by using this time elsewhere.

Works with Chrome Extension

BlockerX for Windows works in conjunction with the BlockerX Chrome extension in order to effectively block adult content on PC.

Blocking browsers other than Chrome

BlockerX Windows blocks adult content on all browsers. If any adult content is there on the browser window, BlockerX will block it.