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How BlockerX is helping people excel in the No Fap Challenge

The maximum I could do of the nofap challenge was 23 days. But with the porn blocking capabilities of BlockerX, i'm at 31 days. Hopefully I can pull this off. It does get a little difficult from time to time, but overall its the greatest feeling.
Larry Brown
Using porn blocking system made me angry. But it did help me complete my first week of the nofap challenge. That's my best so far and am looking forward to win this. Big thanks to the developers.
Brad Young
I haven't relapsed once in my 38 days of nofap so far. Life is good. The positive feeling of being able to do something that you were failing so far is addictive. And I have started to believe that I can win this challenge. Wish me luck.
Scott Denney

BlockerX helps you overcome urges, and prevent relapses

BlockerX is the only thing that can help you maintain the streak that you've built so far. You won't have to worry about getting triggered by any adult content that comes up.
As BlockerX will block that right away.


It's with that small little trigger from some ad somewhere, or a misclick into some website with porn. That can trigger urges during your No Fap journey.
But not with BlockerX, as it will block everything.


Only your friend (accountability partner) will be able to control the settings of BlockerX. So, there is absolutely no way that you can respond to your sexual urges.
Your friend will hold you accountable in your No Fap journey.
And you will win.

Support from peers

The No Fap challenge is by no means the easiest thing to do. And that's why support from peers will help you immensely.
Any support you need will come from someone who has been, or is in your shoes.

If you're not on the No Fap challenge, you're missing out the world.

Ask anyone who has done even a week of No Fap.
They only have praises to say for all the benefits that it provides. There are multiple ones that can take hours to talk about.
But, here are the benefits you'll be enjoying right away...


You'll have more energy to go out into the world and achieve your goals.

When you masturbate to porn on a daily basis, multiple times may be. It's the dopaminergic system in your brain, one of the most powerful things you have, that takes the biggest hit.
You'll lose interest in all the small and big activities that can make your life better. So much so that you won't even notice the difference if you're fapping on the regular.
Just do one week of No Fap to check out how much of a difference that makes.

Peace of mind, and clarity

If you're reading this, that means that you've felt that something isn't right about the way things are right now. And that is causing you to lose the peace of mind that you once had, with a humming anxious feeling in the background all the time.
More than that, things that seemed out of reach and somewhat illogical will make sense to you. You'll be taking decisions that you'll know are good for you.


Confidence, in everything

All cases of compulsive porn use, along with masturbation and orgasm leads to severe problems with low self confidence and esteem. You know exactly which feeling we're talking of here. As you start No Fap and keep at it for a few weeks, you can get addicted to the feeling of confidence that you'll earn.
You'll know that you're capable of doing something that you promised yourself, that is rather difficult.
And this will translate to all other areas of your life.

Seeing women in a new light

This is a big one. As when you watch porn and fap to it, you know in your heart that your momentary burst of pleasure is coming at the cost of a woman's wellbeing. That causes guilt in your mind, for which you'll be avoiding women in your life to various degrees.
Not anymore after you start with No Fap and win back your confidence.
You'll see women as people just like you, that you would want to go and meet.


A better social life

It starts with you. As you become more confident, and thus more compassionate of yourself. You'll also be treating other people that way.
You'll end up having and enjoying a way better social life than you could have had if you didn't start on this path.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

You stand to miss out on all of this without winning the 90-day No Fap challenge.

If you think you might relapse and lose the challenge, you most definitely will.

There are many different reasons for which you relapse every time.
Don't delay the No Fap challenge any further.
As the more you delay it, the farther away it gets.
You need to find out if you're likely to relapse soon, or not.

2 hurdles between you and No Fap victory.

These 2 challenges come hand in hand and are the ones that trip everyone up. But if you can overcome these, you win.
That's exactly what BlockerX is designed for, with your victory in mind.

That's the quicksand.

This is where the problems start arising in the No Fap challenge. Usually, after the 7 day mark is where it starts, but it can vary depending on the person.
But it just doesn't end there.
It keeps coming back in waves.
Sometimes it can be a minor distraction, other times unbearable.
If you listen to accounts of No-fappers on Reddit, there are truly colorful stories on how they've dealt with urges. And the common theme among them is the opportunity to talk to someone who empathizes.
It has motivated them, and helped them fight the urges. Or in some cases distracted their minds of off the sexual urge.
BlockerX brings you the community of people who you can go to right away.


It'll ruin your progress.

This is the part where you actually fail the challenge as you give into the urge and end up fapping.
You lose your streak and will have to start all over again.
Which is harder in most cases.
And one relapse, which some people claim that it doesn't undermine the streak so far.
But one relapse isn't actually one relapse, but the beginning of a whole series of relapses.
It'll put you in a downward spiral, till you feel the need to make a change. Here you end up losing a lot of time.
But if you have BlockerX with you, you'll have a true fighting chance to avoid relapses and keep to the challenge. You can refer to the specific educational material available on the app. That will help you understand the situation that you're facing in a better light.
BlockerX is your mine-detector/diffuser in a mine field of relapses.

Here from some No Fap challenge winners who used BlockerX

The No Fap challenge was one of the hardest things (no pun intended) I've had to complete. I don't think I would've crossed even the halfway mark if it wasn't for blockerx. Blocking the content to prevent urges was a real life-saver.
James Pence
I think the most important part of no fap is a community to keep you motivated. The community feed of blockerx has what I need for motivation and also to share my experience with others.
Ogunye Saul
90 days no fap might sound intimidating but it helps when there is an app that can support you by blocking ALL the porn content. The prevent uninstall option helped keep me in control when I really really wanted to watch porn and jack off. It's a must have app if you're serious about no fap.
Ricardo S

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