Semen Retention:  How Does Modern Science Validate This

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What is Semen Retention

Semen retention is a sexual practice of completely preventing your ejaculation. Some people do this by abstaining from all sexual activities.

Semen Retention Science on Testosterone Levels

A small study conducted in 2003 documented the association between ejaculation and changes in serum testosterone levels. A peak in testosterone levels was noticed on the seventh day.

The Marvellous Psychological Effects of Semen Retention

Many people believe that semen retention helps to transfer sexual energy to other areas of life and that it helps to improve emotional health and spiritual growth.

For some people, this is the only way to practice self-control.

People who have practiced semen retention report more confidence and self-control, less anxiety and depression. 

Also, they have felt more motivation, better memory, better concentration and overall cognitive function.

Risks & Challenges that Semen Retention Science Points Out

1. Stagnation in sexual energy 2. Negative emotions 3. Blue Balls