Only Fans and  its  Rise to Popularity

With Nimmy Pious

OnlyFans is a London based internet platform that works on subscriptions,  like  Patreon.

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OnlyFans  has become synonymous to porn.

Prevalence of  OnlyFans

Tim Stokely told The West Australian in early 2019 that his company was getting 3000 new content creators every week.

How OnlyFans is changing the porn industry

By being a content creator, you’re making content on your own time and usually at the comfort of your home. One doesn’t have to pay their agents nor do they have to succumb to the demands of the production houses.  

Several adult performers who previously worked with production houses are content with the freedom and the money they get on OF. The average top earner takes home $100,000 a month while some have disclosed making

The Dark Side  of  OnlyFans

Many raised concerns after a 2020 BBC documentary shed light on the rising number of minors sharing their explicit content online for money and gifts.

American rapper and television personality, Bhad Bhabie holds the record for earning over $1 million in the first 6 hours but the fact that she had turned 18 only a week before became a matter of concern among many.

There have also been instances where content creators have been stalked and harassed by the fans.