Combating Sexual Urges During Recovery

Nimmy Pious

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Matthew Donner

Founder, Sky High Videos

The Guide to Combat Sexual Urges

#1 Delay and Breathe The moment you feel an urge arises, just take some time out and breathe. Deep, slow breaths oxygenate the blood and calms the mind and body.

What are you going to be filming? Will you be on the go? Or static in the studio?

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#2 Consider the Consequences

Think about all the trouble  you’d cause for yourself if you give in to the urge!

The moment you feel an urge creeping in, quickly substitute it with a different thought or activity.


#3 Distraction

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#4 Support System

An accountability partner is just someone whom you can confide in. you need to be 100% comfortable with this person.

Take the time and patience to understand your urges. Understand what’s causing things and accept why this is happening.With the right base camera, you can experiment with more low-fi attachments like your phone.

#5 Acceptance