6 Health Benefits of No Nut November

Nimmy Pious

Here are “No Nut November ” Health benefits that you can reap as well.

Giving up masturbation will help you keep energy and channel it into more productive activities.

Mental Health

When you’re masturbating excessively, you’re choosing to stay in the comfort of your room most of the time. Like any other addiction, you choose to sacrifice other things for it.

Social Health

Spiritual health relates to one’s ability to be at peace with themself. Masturbating multiple times a day only makes you lethargic and keeps you from your purpose.

Spiritual Health

The inference from a 2003 Chinese study on the same is what led to the birth of the no nut movement. The study found that abstaining for just a week increased testosterone levels.

Physical Health

Excessive masturbation can lead to weaker and painful erections that wither in size. The increase in the number of erectile dysfunctions has been linked to porn.

Sexual Health

Being an addict takes a toll on your emotional health when you use it as a coping mechanism to escape from your problems. Instead, dealing with them head first puts you in a better state of mind.

Emotional Health