Do you feel your partner not that involved in sex with you?

He's not performing as well as he did, or should?

You're not the problem, neither is he.

It's porn.

And we present the solution that your partner needs.

If your partner isn't aware of this, then it's only you who can help him


We believe that you should know as much as you can about a problem, before tackling it. And we’ll be helping you with that.

Here are a few questions to answer if you want to have a clearer idea about the problem. 

That way you can avoid any kind of miscommunication that might happen between you and your partner. 

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About 30% of young couples today are struggling with their relationships due to Porn Induced ED

When you hear about erectile dysfunction, or any sort of sexual dysfunction for that matter. It immediately conjures up the idea of elderly men, at least above 50 years of age.

But that picture has changed quite a bit, and young men in their 20's are facing such issues.

This is worrying.

But the worry isn't only for them, but for their loving partners as well, young women like you.

What happens is that, whenever an issue like this comes up, the first reaction is that of panic, followed by sadness and despair. It's only after consulting an expert that they come to find that porn consumption by the young man is behind bulk of the problem.

Or course, there's the modern lifestyle that plays it's part in this, but masturbating to porn just hits the last nail in the coffin.

And the solution for that can be rather complex and long drawn.

The most common thing that couples do is to pay a visit to the doctor. It can be an urologist, a psychologist and professionals from similar medical disciplines. But that usually creates more confusion than it resolves.

Doctors are professionally trained to think and solve the problem for older people. Young people will have a difficult time communicating the problem. Social stigma is also another thing that causes such problems to go unnoticed by the majority of society.

But with the help of modern technology, we've created a solution that will help you as a couple, bypass all these hurdles. Then you can fix this problem and lead healthy sexual lives together.

Not with BlockerX Premium.

We can help your partner fix the problem at the root, without facing all the social stigma that can go with it.

And you can play a big part in helping him recover.

He'll thank you for that.

BlockerX Premium fights PIED at it's Root

We have put together features that will help your partner effectively overcome the problem


BlockerX Premium will be blocking access to all adult content on your partner's device up front. This is the first and most significant step towards solving the problem. And you can gift your partner that.


This is how you as the caring partner that you are will hold your partner accountable. BlockerX Premium can help your partner rely on you rather than willpower. We all know how limited willpower can be in such a situation.

Support from peers

We have a strong community of like minded people who help each other. This can help both you and your partner gain a wider perspective on the problem you're facing. This is one of the favorite features of our users.

Hear from Our Users..

I bought this for my partner and this is helping quite a bit. I am at peace that this app is working and blocking out porn. His annoyance assures me of that.
Stephanie Cox
Me and my girlfriend decided to use this app, and I chose her as my accountability partner. This works not only because of the technicality and effectiveness of the features, but the way in which they have been planned. This is good, i like it.
Jerry Lifeson
Things were getting out of hand with the relationship between me and my partner. But after some reading up on the problem, we found that it was porn induced ed. Now after getting blockerx for my boyfriend, i'm helping him recover from the problem one step at a time.
Emily Werner

High speed internet porn is a trap.

It’s the cigarettes of the modern era, something that has no benefit to offer, only suffering. 

For what? 

For just 3 to 4 seconds of a mild out-of-body sensation, as a lot people describe orgasm to be. What’s supposed to be one of the best feelings that a living, breathing person can experience, has now been reduced to a self-harming compulsion. 

There are a lot of negative effects that watching porn has, and they have their effects at different time scales. Some are immediate, others are medium term, and a lot of them rather long term. 

Porn induced ED is one of those medium to long term effects that are plaguing a lot of young men today. 

You understand that if your partner faces this issue then that can be really frustrating for you as well. This affects your sexual lives as a couple, and has the potential to ruin your relationship down the line. 

Now, if we take a look at statistics across North America, that paints a grim picture. About 40% to 50% of couples file for a divorce at any time in their married lives. This happens for a multitude of different reasons, from earlier in the marriage to the time around mid life. 

If we are to take a look at reasons, then that can be volumes of information. This specific here, that specific there till the marriage falls apart. 

But a major portion of this has to do with sexual dissatisfaction at a staggering 15% to 20% as a whole

This is very sad, as sexual activity of a couple is one of the best activities that they can engage in. It’s more so the case for younger couples as that’s when they are at their sexual prime. 

And that’s now under attack, because of high speed internet porn. 

Women are by nature intuitive, and they can see certain things before any one else does. It’s like this, that you might have felt that there might be some problems. 

You’re concerned, and as the caring partner that you are you’re willing to do your best to help out. 

That’s what brings you here. 

Let us assure you that you’ve come to the right place. We’ll explain to you the problem and show you how you can give your partner, and your relationship the greatest gift, the way out of this situation. 

BlockerX Premium will fix the problem at it’s root, cutting out access to all adult content. 

There can be a consistent flow of medical treatment, and psychological counselling. But that wouldn’t do much as the problem is alive and active at it’s root. Which is watching and masturbating to high speed internet porn compulsively. 

The normal reaction to this as the partner of the person will be sadness and disappointment. Most women will give up at this point, and most do. 

But you’re not that way as you care and want to help your partner. 

BlockerX Premium will cut off access to all pornographic content up front. We have been serving over 1 million users and have listened to their problems to design the features. 

We understand the sticking points in such situations and built features for that. 

4 Sticking Points that BlockerX Premium Solves


Social Stigma

With an issue like porn induced ED, the person is the least likely to share the problem with others. But it is support from others that will help him the most in such a scenario. That's why we've designed BlockerX to maintain absolute anonimity.


The feature that we have for this can help contribute to the quality of relationship that you have. Your partner will know that you are there for him to help him through the tough times of overcoming this problem.


Tracking Progress

Both of you can check the Streak Tracking feature in BlockerX Premium on a daily basis. That will be motivating for him, as well as cues for you to encourage him as his streak keeps growing. This helps reinforce the idea of the value of the journey that you two are taking to overcome the problem.


Education on this Subject

We believe that you must know all you can on that subject to help your partner overcome the problem. As much as your partner can benefit from learning about the subject. There's a lot of information online, but it'll be hard to make sense of all of that. That's why we've put together a library of articles full of focused information, which is growing every day.

You Can Make a Big Positive Difference to Your Relationship

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BlockerX Contributed to Improving Relationships

Porn is something i absolutely hate. But knowing that my boyfriend faced ed problems from it, made me really sad. We talked this out and decided to set out on the journey to recovery with Blockerx. We really enjoy the feeling of doing something worthwhile together. That is overcoming porn related ed and having a better sex life.
Jill Jones
I really like the fact that technology is helping us solve problems created by other technology. My boyfriend was really eager for a solution to his porn problem. I heard about this from a friend of mine and got this for him. He's really grateful for that and is using it to overcome this problem.
Himari Imoto
It has been three months now that my boyfriend is using the blockerx subscription that i bought for him. He has been in a good mood for some time now, which i believe is due to the ousting of porn from his life. We're working together to improve on our sex lives.
Sandy Pena

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