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You need to rewire your brain.


The first step, if you want to fix a problem that you’re facing is to understand your current situation


It’s only after that can you pick a strategy to overcome the problem. 

We’re going to help you with that. 

You can take this short quick quiz here to have more clarity on your situation. 

From there on out, we can show you how you can overcome this. 

Psychoanalyst Norman Doidge, in his seminal classic – The Brain that Changes Itself, has documented the phenomenon of neuroplasticity.

To put it simply, once you keep repeating a certain set of actions, be it anything. The brain creates neural pathways to make the workings of that process efficient. Where it was believed before that once a neural pathway was set, there was no changing that. Good or bad, what ever pathway is there, will be there forever.

But through his research and practice, Dr. Doidge has found that with the right kind of help and actions, one can teach their brain otherwise.

What does that mean for you then?

If you’ve been watching porn compulsively and now find yourself with the problem of porn-induced erectile dysfunction.


And this is the right place that you’ve come to where we can give you the help you need to take the right action and fix the problem you’re facing.

We present to you BlockerX, the #1 Porn Blocker System that will be your first step in the journey to overcome porn-induced erectile dysfunction by attacking the problem at its root. 

Once the porn goes, you’ll start to change the pathways in your brain that is behind the problem.

That’s how the rewiring will begin and with some time and diligence, the new pathway will arise which will make you real sexual life a lot more active and enjoyable.

Now let’s see how this works.

BlockerX will help you get rid of porn.
Then get the healthy sexual life that you deserve.

What we’re dealing with here is porn-induced erectile dysfunction.

The first thing in that is porn, but to be more precise it’s high speed internet porn

There have been adult images and figures throughout history among the different countries in the world. Historians have not even once found any evidence of such things causing any kind of problem to anybody.

It was an art form above all. 

Then comes print media in the modern times. If you were a kid in the 80’s you would’ve seen how popular magazines like Hustler, and Playboy have been. That has been the main source of adult entertainment for them, along with borrowing VCR tapes with adult movies from stores here and there.

Did you hear any news of people getting erectile dysfunction from it?

Then comes internet and along with it more porn than we can watch in our lifetimes.

Things just kept getting worse and smartphones were like the ultimate phase of the problem (may be there’ll be more, who knows?).

That’s where the problem really started.

Smartphones are always with us, and the internet’s just getting faster with 5G around the corner. On top of that, production houses are creating more porn and people consuming that relentlessly. 

No wonder there’s a serious problem here.

But you’re in a way better situation as you’re aware that there’s a problem, and you’re here. That’s essentially a lot of the battle.


But it’s easier said than done. And the last thing you want to do is to use your willpower to stop this, good luck! 

You can if you want to, but it will fail every time and feel super frustrated.


By blocking adult content across all the devices that you own, this will allow you to take the first and the most important step in your journey to becoming a sexually healthy person, better yet a SEX GOD if that is what you want.


Do all you can to fix the problem at the root, or fumble around wondering what is going on as life and health is passing you by.

How BlockerX can help you overcome porn.

This is a simple, yet effective process based on scientifically tried and tested methods of creating long term behavioral change.

With these 3 pillars in place, you will find it a lot easier and enjoyable to stop watching porn. 


First we cut out all access that you can have to porn. That way you won't have to think about not watching porn. You'll know that it's not going to show up on the glowing screen in any way, shape or form.


There's nothing like someone helping you out in your journey to fix PIED. Anytime you feel weak, you'll know that there's someone looking out for you.

Support from peers

This is the best part. You'll have a community of non-judgemental peers, on the same journey to cheer you along.

Over 82% of BlockerX users reported improvements in PIED symptoms within 1 month of using the app.

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