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8 Top Benefits of using Adblocker

Adblocking: Why You Should Be Using an AdBlock Browser  Adblockers have become necessity now. Ad-blockers are growing in popularity. Ad blockers are software programs that

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Know About Gambling

Gambling indicates the betting or staking of something of importance, with the consciousness of danger and expectancy of gain. It could also be an undecided

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Gambling will destroy you.

But first, What is Gambling?  It indicates the betting or staking of something of importance, with the consciousness of danger and expectancy of gain. It

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You will recover from Addiction
What is Gambling Addiction?

For many individuals, gambling is harmless enjoyment, but it can become a problem. Gambling addiction is a developed addiction that can have many harmful psychological,

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Is Rape Culture Real? 

Rape is a word that is often thrown around and is the butt of all jokes. But is there a culture that promotes it in

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Is porn messing with your sleep?

Introduction : You cannot refuse that addiction has created tantrums in your life? And dear readers, if that addiction concerns the four-letter word P-0-R-N, you

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How Porn Can Promote Sexual Violence?

To understand sexual violence in pornography we must first understand what is sexual violence and is pornography inherently violent? What is Sexual Violence?  “The World

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Top 10 ways to increase your libido

What is libido? Libido is mainly considered as the sexual drive or appetite. A person’s libido is mainly motivated by the brain’s functioning, learned behavior,

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Why do people relapse?

Does merely returning to an older addictive habit is called relapse? Or is it a misconception? People with addiction- be it chemical and behavioural addiction,

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PSYCHOLOGISTS IN SEATTLE 1. Dr. Jennifer Pelton, Ph.D Child Clinical Psychologist Dr. Pelton attended Pomona College for her undergraduate education, and received her Ph.D. in Child Clinical

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Man sitting in front of a psychologist

PSYCHOLOGISTS 1. Jacqueline Panish, PH.D. LICENSED PSYCHOLOGIST  Dr. Panish is a clinical psychologist providing psychotherapy to adults in Las Vegas since 2003. Before relocating to

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Dealing with partner’s porn addiction

Every individual enters a relationship with a partner to experience blissful companionship. Relationships would mean a need for nurturance, a support system, an emotional cushion,

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Understanding addiction

Addiction- be it chemical or behavioral addiction, entails similar neurological processing, which craves a pleasure that is artificial and has harmful consequences. People indulge in

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things that destroy a marriage
Things that destroy a marriage

Marriage – the sacred word is defined differently in different entities, and it is all based on cultural, religious, and demographic factors.   One commonly accepted

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How many people watch porn?

Porn: Understanding its Evolution and its Relationship with Users Have you ever wondered how many people watch porn? Pornography was created for the sole purpose

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