How Exercising Can Help Overcome Urges to Watch Porn

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Sometimes, our minds just need something to help keep us occupied. We’re conditioned to want to be engaged in activities. Idle time seems boring while time spent doing something you love whizzes past in a blur. You can use this to your advantage to overcome an urge to watch porn. Every time you feel an urge coming on, the trick is to reroute your interest to a different activity.

Porn is a dangerous hobby, and if left unchecked, it can take you down a dead end path. You might either end up addicted, to the point that you can’t sleep unless you’ve gotten your fix. It might cause you physical problems like erectile dysfunction. Either way, it’s not a future you would want for yourself. It’s best to stop while you still can.

Works Great as a Distraction 

Exercise is an excellent way to distract yourself from porn. Instead of being consumed by a dangerous habit, you could be out and about doing laps around the park. You could be pushing your limits in the weight room, or you could be increasing your stamina. Porn will not help you develop your body, soul or mind. 

On the contrary, it will do quite the opposite. If statistics are anything to go by, you’ll likely end up depressed. At the very least, dissociated from the reality of what love and sex actually are. This is because of comparing a staged act to the real thing.

This can have long term effects on your future relationships. You may end up subconsciously comparing your partner to pornstars you see online. This is not fair to you or the one you’re in a relationship with. You may be setting unrealistic expectations for what love and intimacy really are, which will likely leave you disappointed. 

Next time you feel like watching porn, try going for a run instead. We guarantee you’ll feel a whole lot better!

Releases Feel-good Hormones

A lot of people might not want to exercise. Maybe its because it looks difficult or seems like a lot of effort. The truth is, everyone starts out slow and progresses to more and more difficult exercises as they get stronger. It’s more of a marathon than a sprint.

After a workout, your body will release feel-good hormones called endorphins. This is your body’s natural response to stress and fatigue. It makes you feel good and is a kind of natural high. The result is that after you’ve finished exercising you’ll end up feeling far more calm and relaxed.

This is what keeps athletes coming back into the gym. It’s not just the satisfaction that you’ve worked hard and pushed yourself. Its the feeling of pleasure after a workout that improves your mood and leaves you feeling much better.

Replaces an Unproductive Habit with a Healthy One 

Let’s be honest, watching porn isn’t going to bring you much. For a few minutes of perceived pleasure, you may be sinking into a bad habit. Besides the ones mentioned above, it also has the potential for causing you insomnia and fatigue. In a way, it could be doing you much more harm than it’s worth. Besides that, there are far better things you could be using your time for. Why not replace this habit with a more productive one? 

Exercise is the best example of a productive habit, and you’ll be improving your strength and fitness every single day. You’ll be meeting more people who are goal-oriented at the gym or the park. Even if you only work out at home, you’ll be putting yourself in a good mindset. One that will gear you towards self-improvement and personal development.

This can compound into you becoming the best version of yourself you never thought possible. Remember, your habits become your life. A healthy, productive habit could be just what you need to make your dream life a reality.

Exercising makes you More Health-conscious

Once you’re working out and exercising every day, it’ll be unlikely that you’d indulge in watching porn for several reasons.

Primarily, because you’re in a health-focused state of mind, you’re much less prone to resorting to unhealthy behaviours. You don’t need to release your stress watching porn. You’d be much better served by pushing your limits to the maximum lifting weights.

Increases your Presence and Attractiveness Overall

Have you ever wanted to lose weight, build muscle or just get into shape overall? Now is the best time to start. Go ahead and leave the porn aside and start working out! It’s a great chance to finally achieve all your fitness goals. It doesn’t take long at all to begin seeing results and the feeling after an intense workout is indescribable.

Working out can greatly increase your attractiveness. Studies show that both men and women are attracted more to healthy, fit-looking members of the opposite sex. Not only this, but you’ll feel much better every time you look in the mirror. The fact that you’ll be progressing by pushing yourself to the maximum is enough to give you satisfaction.

Within a few months, it’s easy to look completely different from where you first started. You’ll notice your muscles begin to appear more toned. You’ll feel healthier from all the stress that you’ve been releasing regularly in a healthy way.

Initially, habits are easy to break but get more and more ingrained as you repeat the behaviour. And in this way, it eventually becomes a way of life that you seemingly can’t change. With that said, there’s no better time than today to start looking at exercise. Its a great way to not only help overcome your urges. It will also help you get fit, healthy and live a fulfilling and happy life. 


To help make sure you’re never tempted to watch porn, we recommend you install the latest version of BlockerX

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Within no time, you’ll be totally protected from porn and all the dangers that come with it. Every time you feel the urge to watch porn, try working out instead.

It’s great for your health and will leave you feeling much happier!

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