6 Ways you’re Becoming the Internet Media you’re Consuming

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The Internet itself has transformed radically. In the internet’s early days it was pretty crude, by todays’s standards. A static network for transmitting small number of bytes or short messages between two terminals; it was an information store whose content was only published and maintained by skilled programmers.  

But today a lot of information is uploaded and uploaded through this electronic giant. Now, we are our own commentators, creators, and publishers. And the content on the internet is very much accessible by almost anyone. 

The bottom line is that the internet has opened floodgates of information. However, this can be both good and bad. The type of content and media that you consume daily makes you shape your ideas, thoughts, feelings. All of that contribute to your personality and your perspective of the outside world. 

What are people using the internet for around the world?

The Internet has completely changed our existence. It has revolutionized the way of communication to a massive extent. It has now become our preferred medium of daily communication. In almost everything we want to get done; we use the internet.  

Whether it is to order a pizza, buy a TV or share moments with friends who send photos via instant messaging. Before the internet existed, if you get the latest news in the morning, you will have to go the newsstand to buy a local newspaper covering the previous events. But today, you can read local newspapers and any news source anywhere in the world with just one or two clicks. 

People around the world use the internet for various reasons

Here are some of these.


 You have obviously heard of Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp and Twitter because chances are that you use them too. These apps have proven to be incredibly useful when it comes to communicating with anyone around the world with just a touch of a screen.  

People use the Internet to communicate with each other. Various software such as Google Meet, Zoom, and Skype make it possible to transmit voice and video on a global scale with minimal delay, and even email has become the main communication method for many people today. Without the Internet, maintaining personal and professional relationships will be more expensive and slower. 


The term “Netflix and Chill” has become popular among the millennials. We all know that it has a hidden meaning, but Netflix has gained a lot of leverage through this trend. 

Everyone uses the Internet to entertain and participate in their personal interests. In recent years, people have spent a lot of money and time on multiplayer games and virtual worlds. Amazon Prime and Netflix have also gained a lot of traction if you want to watch your favorite movies or TV shows. Additionally, music, movies and videos are very easy to find, download and stream. Plus, the environment encourages feedback as well! 


The Internet can be said to be one of the most successful and useful tools in human history. In fact, it is the largest library ever, and it is growing every day. Information sources are presented by various media: text, graphics and visual images, video and audio have changed the way people seek and find information. 

There are billions of websites on the Internet today, and there is a lot of information on the Internet, and search engines make this information easy to find. You must have heard people just say “Google it” when someone asks any question. 

The Good that has Happened 

The Internet is a technology that powers the IT age like an electrical engine in the industrial age. It has also brought about radical changes in communication, knowledge acquisition, and social interaction; however, like all major technological changes, the Internet has produced positive and negative effects on the society as well. 

Let us look at some of the positive things that have been accomplished using the internet: 

Internet for public utilities

Let’s start with the undeniably positive nature of the Internet. First of all, it makes life very easy. Banking, shopping, and direct communication with other people and companies are becoming easier and faster.  

People can complete more work in less time. It makes people smarter by giving them access to an unparalleled knowledge base in human history. It can provide opportunities to connect with like-minded people from all over the world at the lowest cost and give people the opportunity to do the good things they can get for others. 

Internet for Businesses

Both companies and individuals can get better opportunities to have more understanding and interaction with the people they care about. In business, it has changed the entrepreneurial landscape in dizzying ways.  

Various software, hardware, security and development platforms that provide software, hardware, security. Development platforms can reduce the huge capital costs that many companies spend on IT.  

This allows companies to access redundant resources that are no more important than the ever-growing mobile workforce that is available 24/7 and increases productivity. It provides the opportunity to optimize all types of work, whether it is to reduce personal interaction.  

Companies can work with their suppliers or use tracking software to help managers develop better business practices. 

Internet as an outlet 

The internet provided a social outlet to people who did not have one in real life. The use of social media has completely changed the way we share and communicate information. The freedom to do what they want online, which usually leads to positive action. Many large groups that have been marginalized for some reason can now promote their platforms thoroughly. 

You can now freely express your voice and your opinions. And use the various forms of social media to say openly express yourself to the world. For example, the #metoo movement sparked a huge positive trend for women. They could now come up to tell everyone about the assaults that they have faced.  

It doesn’t just stop at that. Even during the global COVID-19 pandemic, the internet proved to be an incredible feature for looking up life saving resources. For that, many people have benefitted by reaching out to millions through the power of the internet.  

The Bad that has Happened 

There are many things on the Internet that people can give or take. In fact, each of the above benefits has a disadvantage. For example, easier access to information opens the door to more error, misinformation, and miscommunication. Also, there are attackers trying to steal resources and personal information for profit.  

With any like-minded person, you will meet all kinds of Internet spies and other unwelcome people. Let us see a few things that reflects the negative aspects of the existence of the internet: 

Toxic Mirror Effect

Social media has a huge influence, but although they have done a lot of good things. They have also created the so-called toxic mirror effect. This is a concept that makes people feel guilty by constantly exposing themselves to information. This leads them to form a negative view of themselves.  

The toxic mirror makes everything ugly and bad even though they are meant to be seen in a positive light. In addition to toxic mirrors, many people use social media in ways that are harmful to others. The performance of social personality can often provide users with opportunities to spread widespread misinformation.  

This disconnect from reality prevents people from correctly identifying risks and puts them in a dangerous situation. These groups can grow because people do not have many resources to protect themselves from them. These people hide their identities on the Internet, which makes the civil lawsuits against them difficult.  Specifically, cyberbullying can cause great harm to people of all ages. 

Reverse effect on businesses

For businesses, the Internet is a real double-edged sword: On one hand, if you don’t use its functions. As more and more people learn about your company online. You could be hindering the way in which you run your business.  

One problem is that you have to spend a lot of advertising money to get your business to potential customers. For some companies, this may be beneficial, but for most companies, it increases the required capital without guaranteeing additional revenue. 

As a result, of cutting corners when it comes to spending for advertising, companies end up falsifying information. They decrease the quality of advertisements and spreading irrelevant content to their customers sometimes. For example, advertising gets us to eat food that we’ve got no business eating. 

Digital addiction

Internet addiction is a broad aspect of digital addiction instathat includes various behavioral and impulse control problems related to the Internet, personal computers, and mobile technology.  

Cybersex addiction is self-explanatory Internet addiction. An obsession with any of these services can affect a person’s ability to develop sexual, romantic, or intimate relationships in the real world.  It includes fantasy/adult chat and XXX webcam services or pornography. To avoid this kind of addiction, use porn blocking software such a BlockerX in order to keep yourself in check.  

There are also net compulsions which are extremely harmful, such as online gambling, stock trading, online auctions (such as e-bay) and intrusive online purchases. These habits can be detrimental to financial stability and interfere with work tasks.  

Money can also bring pressure in relationships. With easy and quick online access to casinos and shops. It’s not easy for people who are already or addicted to gambling to quit internet addiction. 

How the types of media consumption made this happen? 

We now “consume” more media than any other activity we participate in. The struggle for attention and the magical luminous rectangle in your pocket bring media into every corner of your life. The average daily media consumption is 12 hours and 7 minutes. You can consume more or less. But, on average, we have 24 and a half hours of media consumption. This leaves little time for other things. 

New technologies such as Apple Screen Time and Google Downtime now not only provide us with data about our consumption, but also the ability to reduce consumption. The company created content before it established ethical standards for people’s health and well-being. Please pay attention to the content involved and be more selective. Most of the responsibilities are in the hands of these large companies. 

We live in the media, and people who grow up today don’t know any other way. The media is our environment, and our media is information, so how can we enjoy a balanced diet without getting sick? What are media’s unnecessary calories and how much sugar do they contain? What does too much media mean? 

Best way to consume the right media for you

The key to the success of digital media is limited use. Do not use digital media for more than two hours a day and try to increase the time for two closely related activities- friends and exercise. All these suggestions just show that we are consuming a lot of media, and of course, context also plays a role. It’s all relative, but addiction counseling provides a simple rule: If your media use negatively affects other areas of your life, especially work or relationships, it’s too much. 

We are what we consume. Just as what we eat affects our health, our digital diet also affects our current or long-term thinking, feeling, behavior, and speech. Media consumption has a long-term negative impact on health. Especially with intrusive and pornographic content. 

A sedentary lifestyle that involves hours of typing, clicking, searching, and crawling can lead to depression, discomfort, anxiety, insecurity and lack of sleep due to excessive stimulation. 

Awareness & Empathy is the answer 

To be a better user on the internet, take a minute to pause, reflect and think about it. Take a moment to look at what is happening internally and focus on the needs. Expect ethical behaviour of large institutions and companies. Take time to ask, reflect, and analyse what works and what is useless. 

Try your best to stay away from the negative side of the internet. Such as pornography, gambling sites and harmful content. Increase your awareness about what is good and what is not. When you educate yourself, you can also educate the people around you. 

It is also important to pay attention to your momentary reactions. Because they will tell you who you are, how you work, and what you need. You may not want to turn off the device, but you can take health precautions yourself. Take a shower, and then switch to another one. Learn to take care of yourself. Do your best to help technology help you and others. 

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