Death Grip Syndrome- Common Symptoms and Treatment


Masturbation and sex have a lot in common. Both of them are enjoyable. Both are beneficial to our general health and sexual well-being. Both of these are things that practically everyone does, though we might be a little more honest about the former than the latter. You could have death grip syndrome, also known as DGS, if you find it difficult or time-consuming to attain orgasm during intercourse but simple to do so when you masturbate.

Do you now find it more challenging to ejaculate during sex? Do you believe that a naturally occurring climax requires a very hard grip? If this describes you, you could have death grip syndrome. Due to over-masturbation and grasping the penis excessively firmly during the act, death grip syndrome occurs, which causes the penis to lose feeling. Due to decreased sensitivity to tactile cues, this syndrome is characterised by a persistent or recurring failure to sustain an erection. A high frequency can bring on this issue, but how the penis is held might also be problematic.

What Is Death Grip Syndrome?

The term “death grip syndrome” refers to an anecdotal phenomenon whereby excessively hard or violent gripping when masturbating is said to result in penile desensitization and make it more difficult to achieve orgasm during intercourse. Although nobody can pinpoint the actual origin of the phrase, most people attribute it to sex writer Dan Savage and place its inception in the early 2000s. If you have death grip syndrome, you can discover that orgasm comes on quickly and easily when you masturbate, yet slowly or never when you have sex. You might have to withdraw from your lover and masturbate in order to attain orgasm.

death grip syndrome

In general, death grip syndrome is not considered a medical problem. However, there is scientific evidence to support this widespread anecdotal concern among males. In addition, there are a number of illnesses that resemble death grip syndrome, some of which are connected to masturbation. The condition known as delayed ejaculation, in which a male either cannot attain orgasm and ejaculate at all, or can only do so after engaging in sex for an extended amount of time, shares the greatest similarities with the others.

Causes of Death Grip Syndrome

Masturbating with an excessively hard or harsh grasp is the major alleged cause of death grip syndrome. Many think this practise may lessen penile sensitivity and stimulation during sex. There is some evidence to support the assumption that friction and pressure might influence your penis, even if there isn’t many studies on masturbation practises and penile sensitivity. For instance, biker research has revealed a connection between penile numbness and erectile dysfunction and the repeated, continuous strain of riding. 61 per cent of male bikers who participated in a 2001 research said that exercise had caused vaginal numbness. Due to their extensive weekly training distance, 17% of cyclists reported experiencing erectile dysfunction.

death grip syndrome

Although there are apparent differences between masturbating and cycling, some scientific evidence does support the notion that friction and pressure might affect genital sensitivity. According to other research, males who prefer masturbation over intercourse may continue to use unorthodox masturbation methods, such as those that put greater pressure on the penis and lessen its sensitivity. Beyond an extremely strong grip during masturbation, a number of additional variables may also lessen penile sensitivity and make it more challenging to achieve orgasm:

  • Medications. Certain antidepressants, including SSRIs, might lessen penile sensitivity and make it more difficult to achieve orgasm. The peripheral nerves may be impacted by different sorts of drugs, which would lessen sensitivity all throughout your body.
  • Ailment conditions. Reduced nerve function or sensitivity in your penis and other regions of your body can be caused by a number of illnesses, including diabetes, Peyronie’s disease, and thyroid problems. A decreased level of interest and specific problems with sexual performance may also be brought on by hormonal health conditions, such as low testosterone.
  • Porn. Even while watching porn won’t make your penis less sensitive, binge-watching the stuff has been shown to alter your performance, habits, and primary sources of arousal. For instance, a 2016 study indicated that males who view porn regularly were more likely to consider porn while engaging in sex to maintain arousal. This finding may be related to difficulty in inducing orgasm. Our guide to porn-related erectile dysfunction details how porn affects your sexual performance. The NoFap Reddit group was founded because some people firmly feel that porn addiction is harmful.
  • Anxiety over sexual performance. A typical problem that may be related to masturbation and porn usage is feeling apprehensive before having sex. Research shows numerous prevalent types of sexual dysfunction are caused by worry. Several causes can cause anxiety over sexual performance. You can suffer anxiety due to worries about making your partner pregnant, making them happy, or a past terrible sexual encounter.

Treatment of Death Grip Syndrome

You must alter your method of masturbation if you want to avoid the adverse effects of a death grip syndrome. Of all, this is a straightforward solution to a complex issue. Martin urges individual practice. Use lubrication and a delicate touch when masturbating. Be mindful of your feelings. You could first become annoyed by this, but remember that there isn’t a simple solution. Getting your body accustomed to new, less intense stimuli will take some time and patience. We recommend Cocolube if you want to test a new lubricant. It helps improve sensitivity and is entirely natural. You may also try Foria, lubricants containing CBD, often used to improve blood flow to the clitoris. The same is true with penises! 

death grip syndrome

The easiest method to handle desensitisation on your own is to change your masturbation patterns, but talking to your spouse is also crucial. Inform them in advance that you take longer to attain orgasm, says Saynt. “Pay attention to other enjoyable things so that your orgasm doesn’t feel under as much strain. Accept letting go of the notion that your attendance is necessary for you to appreciate the experience. And no, you don’t have to quit viewing porn to get over the death grip. It’s entirely up to you if you decide to take a vacation from it. Some guys may find it helpful to altogether avoid sexy content while addressing other sexual issues.

death grip syndrome

Suppose you don’t want to stop watching porn. In that case, Martin offers a substitute that will allow you to continue doing so while also redefining your connection with this sort of content: When watching porn, refrain from touching yourself. She advises getting crazy turned on, appreciating the visuals, and absorbing them. Then, shut off the laptop, move to a different room, and repeat the photos while engaging in masturbation. By removing the distraction of any visual information, you may focus more on the feelings in your penis.

Fixes for Death Grip Syndrome

death grip syndrome

Stop Masturbating

I warned you that the problem of death grip syndrome wouldn’t be simple to solve. This is the first approach you should try if you want to treat death grip syndrome, but it’s also the trickiest. It is simple to refrain from masturbating for one day, but it becomes more difficult after one week.

Your body will begin to experience withdrawal-like symptoms if you have been regularly masturbating. Your body will be pleading with you to masturbate and you’ll find it much simpler to get turned on. If you wish to treat death grip syndrome, you must maintain your composure throughout everything.

The best advice for quitting masturbation is to just keep yourself busy. You’ll end yourself wanting to watch porn and jerk off if your mind begins racing and thinking about other topics. You won’t have as much time to think about sex if you keep busy at work and schedule activities with your spouse.

Avoid Porn

Given that we are attempting to reduce the amount of masturbation you are engaging in, this should be a simple concept to grasp. When you view porn, you’re supposed to jerk off and do sex acts. Good luck keeping yourself together if you’re going to view porn in that position.

We need to dispel your dreams and presumptions about sex, which is another reason why you’ll want to stay away from porn. So that you may enjoy sex with your partner in the present and not hold it to some standard, you need to cease exposing yourself to these circumstances. If you can refrain from consuming porn for a month or two, you’ll see an immediate improvement in yourself.

Ease up on your masturbation Grips

Because some people clutch their penis tightly when masturbating, the condition is known as death grip syndrome. You should examine your technique and make any required adjustments before slowly getting back into things after taking a break from masturbating.

The main piece of advice I have for you all is to let go of the penis. Yes, I realise this won’t feel as fantastic as it once did, but it’ll make vaginal intercourse much better when you have sex with your spouse once again. In this case, you want the real thing to feel better than what your hands can create. 


It might be overwhelming due to the unavoidable difficulties that will inevitably arise while discovering new places to masturbate. You could discover that you become so frustrated that you revert to your old death grip behaviours.

That’s all right! Start again after accepting forgiveness. Weak habits persist. Even if you don’t like the pun, this proverb has a rationale.


Quit Porn & Reclaim Your Life

– Improve your relationship

– Stronger and more intense orgasms, increased libido, and other positive improvements

– Better focus on the things that matter

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