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Is Rape Culture Real? 

Rape is a word that is often thrown around and is the butt of all jokes. But is there a culture that promotes it in

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13 reasons why

13 Reasons Why

Introduction : We, at times need to revisit some important issues about sexual matters that is usually a hush-hush factor. In this article we will

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is porn addiction messing with your sleep

Is porn messing with your sleep?

Introduction : You cannot refuse that addiction has created tantrums in your life? And dear readers, if that addiction concerns the four-letter word P-0-R-N, you

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How Porn Can Promote Sexual Violence?

To understand sexual violence in pornography we must first understand what is sexual violence and is pornography inherently violent? What is Sexual Violence?  “The World

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7 Tips to Quit Porn Forever

Are you worried about your porn consumption? Do you feel like things are getting out of hand, then here are a few quick tips to

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Top 10 ways to increase your libido

What is libido? Libido is mainly considered as the sexual drive or appetite. A person’s libido is mainly motivated by the brain’s functioning, learned behavior,

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Why do people relapse?

Does merely returning to an older addictive habit is called relapse? Or is it a misconception? People with addiction- be it chemical and behavioural addiction,

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PSYCHOLOGISTS 1. Dr. Jennifer Pelton, Ph.D Child Clinical Psychologist Dr. Pelton attended Pomona College for her undergraduate education, and received her Ph.D. in Child Clinical Psychology from

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Man sitting in front of a psychologist


PSYCHOLOGISTS 1. Jacqueline Panish, PH.D. LICENSED PSYCHOLOGIST  Dr. Panish is a clinical psychologist providing psychotherapy to adults in Las Vegas since 2003. Before relocating to

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Dealing with partner’s porn addiction

Every individual enters a relationship with a partner to experience blissful companionship. Relationships would mean a need for nurturance, a support system, an emotional cushion,

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Understanding addiction

Addiction- be it chemical or behavioural addiction, entails similar neurological processing, which craves for a pleasure which is artificial and has harmful consequences. People indulge

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Temptation Verses in the Bible 

Everyone faces temptations. We experience a countless number of temptations every day. But resisting this urge is what we must strive to do. Even daily

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Things that destroy a marriage

Marriage – the sacred word is defined differently in different entities, and it is all based on cultural, religious, and demographic factors.   One commonly accepted

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How many people watch porn?

How many people actually watch porn Usage of internet porn: 40 million individuals in the United States frequent pornographic websites on a regular basis. Porn

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What is Hypersexuality?

Defining Hypersexuality Hypersexuality is the loss of control over sexual fantasy. The correct explanation for hypersexuality is sexual thoughts and behaviors, or uncontrollable sexual impulses.

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Can ADHD lead to Porn Addiction?

What is ADHD? When we talk about ADHD- that is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, and porn addiction, they seem to exist in separate corners of

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Parenting in the age of Technoference

Parenting in the age of Technoference

Parenting in the age of Technoference: Overgrowing technology use has been proving inevitable in the 21st century, and children are just following the pattern. It

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watching porn a sin

Is Watching Porn a Sin?

Watching Porn a Sin: This question would have come to you at least once in your life. It might have been due to the taboo that revolves around

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Rise of onlyfans

The Rise of OnlyFans

History OnlyFans is a London based internet platform that works on subscriptions, like Patreon. The platform allows content creators to earn and build an audience. Creators on the website include musicians, chefs, fitness experts among

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What to do after No Nut November ?

Congratulations on completing the entire month of November without fapping. You finished the challenge that almost all participants fail at. If you’re among the ones

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NoFap Benefits

4 Benefits of No Nut November

The benefits of no nut november challenge of not masturbating vary from person to person. Studies, however, suggest that abstinence has improved the lives of

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