Now you will win the No Fap challenge.

Many people try, many people fail the No Fap challenge. You need the right counters to the pitfalls along the way.
BlockerX premium is just the thing you need.

With BlockerX Premium Users are Acing the No Fap Challenge

Not masturbating is hard enough. But then if you have to think about not watching porn, then you're most definitely going to fail. I had.
But as soon as I got the premium, watching porn wasn't an option. Once I decided to stop watching porn and engaged the blocker. There was no getting around it.
Bill Ive
I really like the accountability partner feature. That along with the community here helps me a lot as i'm on the nofap challenge. Once I was struggling with sexual urges, I just distracted myself by talking to a fellow BlockerX user about a watch he was planning to buy.
Such a small thing, but so effective. Talking to others is valuable, especially if they can relate to you.
James Long
Triggers are everywhere on the internet. You either cut that off and stop using the internet altogether.
Or you let BlockerX block out all those triggers and you use the internet properly. This works well.
Ekon Abioye

With the Premium version of BlockerX, you can now fight the urge to relapse and call it a failure

It's a common thing with the No Fap challenge participants where they discuss how difficult it is to win the challenge. They get urges all the time and somehow end up relapsing.
It's very true that sexual urges are difficult to manage. But how's that helping in anyway.
BlockerX Premium will allow you to take away those self defeating reasons and help you win the challenge. That in and of itself will be a pretty big thing, and then there are all the benefits.


It's with that small little trigger from some ad somewhere, or a misclick into some website with porn. That can trigger urges during your No Fap journey.
That's where BlockerX Premium will draw the line between you and all adult content. You're not going to get any trigger, no artificial sexual urges, no relapses.
Isn't that simple.


If you want to win, you need the support of a friend who cares. BlockerX Premium gives you the opportunity to have a friend you trust to support you through the No Fap journey.
That will make the process more fun and that is how you win.

Support from peers

The No Fap challenge is by no means the easiest thing to do. And that's why support from peers will help you immensely.
Any support you need will come from someone who has been, or is in your shoes.

If you think you might relapse and lose the challenge, you most definitely will.

There are many different reasons for which you relapse every time.
Don't delay the No Fap challenge any further.
As the more you delay it, the farther away it gets.
You need to find out if you're likely to relapse soon, or not.

2 hurdles between you and No Fap victory.

These 2 challenges come hand in hand and are the ones that trip everyone up. But if you can overcome these, you win.
That's exactly what BlockerX Premium is designed for, with your victory in mind.
If you're serious about winning the challenge, it's a small investment for a rather huge outcome.

That's the quicksand.

Urges will come. There's no way through it.
But BlockerX Premium is the way around it. There's going to be situations where your brain absolutely wants to look at porn because of the current wiring. But the app will cut out any kind of trigger that might lead you to that situation.
But you can always masturbate without porn, or on some other source of artificial stimulation. But you've committed to winning, so you won't and your friend will hold you accountable for that.
Also, you'll have direct access to people who are already on the challenge with whom you can discuss your ups and downs through the challenge.
If you don't want to share such discussions in public, then the BlockerX community is the best for that.
Another motivation will be the streak counter of BlockerX premium.
One big tip in the No Fap community is to not count the streak yourself. As that's where a lot of people feel frustration in a difficult moment and relapse. But if you free your mind of that anxious counting, then that will stop that problem cold.
We have consulted thousands and thousands of our users as we developed this system for them, for you.

You can avoid that.

Relapses will happen. But then the 90 day No Fap challenge is lost. So that's not right.
You can absolutely avoid the relapses, and win the No Fap challenge. That's what BlockerX Premium is built for.
As you faced the first chance of relapse, you'll see the genius of the system. All you'll have to do is follow the simple instructions.
Put it out of your mind that relapsing is a part of the process. It's not.
You can choose to become proactive by getting BlockerX Premium and attacking the problem head first.
You can look through the feed on the app where people are constantly sharing tips, tricks and stories. You can come across a tip that will help you prevent an impending relapse, or a story that will inspire you.

A small investment that can make the world of difference

The No Fap challenge is just an aspiration to be honest. Most people who start that wind up relapsing at anytime within the 90 days.
There can be many reasons for that, but the bottom line is that very few complete that challenge.
But now with BlockerX Premium, you can win this challenge with practical systems we've put in place to help you through the challenging phases of the No Fap challenge.
And when you win, here are the things that you'll experience.

You'll have more energy to go out into the world and achieve your goals.

When you masturbate to porn on a daily basis, multiple times may be. It's the dopaminergic system in your brain, one of the most powerful things you have, that takes the biggest hit.
You'll lose interest in all the small and big activities that can make your life better. So much so that you won't even notice the difference if you're fapping on the regular.
Just do one week of No Fap to check out how much of a difference that makes.

Peace of mind, and clarity

If you're reading this, that means that you've felt that something isn't right about the way things are right now. And that is causing you to lose the peace of mind that you once had, with a humming anxious feeling in the background all the time.
More than that, things that seemed out of reach and somewhat illogical will make sense to you. You'll be taking decisions that you'll know are good for you.

Confidence, in everything

All cases of compulsive porn use, along with masturbation and orgasm leads to severe problems with low self confidence and esteem. You know exactly which feeling we're talking of here. As you start No Fap and keep at it for a few weeks, you can get addicted to the feeling of confidence that you'll earn.
You'll know that you're capable of doing something that you promised yourself, that is rather difficult.
And this will translate to all other areas of your life.

Seeing women in a new light

This is a big one. As when you watch porn and fap to it, you know in your heart that your momentary burst of pleasure is coming at the cost of a woman's wellbeing. That causes guilt in your mind, for which you'll be avoiding women in your life to various degrees.
Not anymore after you start with No Fap and win back your confidence.
You'll see women as people just like you, that you would want to go and meet.

A better social life

It starts with you. As you become more confident, and thus more compassionate of yourself. You'll also be treating other people that way.
You'll end up having and enjoying a way better social life than you could have had if you didn't start on this path.

There are many benefits to this as you can see. The journey is absolutely worth it, and BlockerX Premium is your biggest weapon for success

You get to decide how much you're willing to invest in your success.

BlockerX Premium makes No Fap challenge winners, hear from them

There are a lot of tips and tricks that there is to finish the 90 day challenge. But I've got my life to deal with on the way, which does make things tricky. So I put my trust on the premium version and boy did it work out well. It didn't make things easy upfront, it just got the job done and that's what I really appreciate. I did it...
Pete Jefferies
I take challenges seriously and I had tried before on my own and that didn't work out as well. Luckily, as I purchased the premium it made things a lot easier and fun. My most favorite features were prevent uninstall and tracking.
Shane Oberst
One thing I can tell is that willpower isn't the thing to rely on for challenges like this. That's way to complex. Blockerx premium version was the best investment I made this year and it was a great experience. Kudos to the team.
Saul Ribeiro

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